Himani Chamunda Trek Tour Packages (Group Tour) (Start Rs 8500/-) Per Person

Himani Chamunda Trek Tour Packages (Group Tour) (Start Rs 8500/-) Per Person

Jia to Aadi Himani Chamunda. A tyke well disposed overnight trek



The Jia - Aadi Himani Chamunda is a reasonably troublesome 7.4 kilometer trek close Chamunda (H.P.). This trek includes a moderate yet tenacious ascension. Safe houses, shops and sun oriented lights speck the trail. The trail itself is somewhat cleared and it is plainly characterized. The generally tender and clear trail does not include any specialized abilities or any unsafe drops; the sanctuary complex gives a quarters and bedding to an overnight remain. All these variables make this an amazingly alluring trek to finish with youngsters.

Aadi Himani Chamunda sanctuary lit up in night light.

Barfani Chamunda or Aadi Himani Chamunda is a Hindu sanctuary close to the town of Chamunda (Himachal Pradesh). At 2810 meters and flanked by Dhauladhars; Aadi Himani Chamunda sanctuary is available by means of two very much characterized trek courses. The more frequented trek course interfaces Chamunda sanctuary with Aadi Himani Chamunda by means of Jadrangal. This is a course frequented by explorers and it is a much straighter and cleared with stone strides. The other trekking course is lesser known, however is more beautiful. This course begins close Jia Village. Jia is a pleasant mountain village settled in Dhauladhar foothills. This pleasant town is 7 kilometers from Chamunda town. The town is overwhelmed by a hydroelectric force venture disregarding the town. In the event that you are heading to Jia, plan a visit to the upper supply of this hydroelectric venture. The drive is entirely grand and is justified regardless of a makeshift route.

Chamunda otherwise called Chamundi, Chamundeshwari and Charchika, is a fearsome part of Devi, the Hindu Divine Mother and one of the seven Matrikas (mother goddesses). She is additionally one of the boss Yoginis, a gathering of sixty-four or eighty-one Tantric goddesses, who are orderlies of the warrior goddess Durga. The name is a mix of Chanda and Munda, two creatures whom Chamunda executed. She is nearly connected with Kali, another wild part of Devi.

Hanuman sanctuary disregarding the edge

The trek from Jia to Aadi Himani Chamunda is 7.4 kilometer long and it includes a moderate yet determined ascension. You begin at 1363 meters and consistently pick up an elevation of 1500 vertical meters throughout the following 4 hours. The course is a blend of cleared concrete, stony strides and grass blended with scree. This trail is specked with safe houses and sun based lights and it is plainly stamped. In November 2014 all these sun oriented lights were old, so don't depend on them for brightening. It is suggested that you begin early and achieve the sanctuary by the evening. In spite of the fact that, it is conceivable to finish this trek and return back to Jia in one day yet we don't suggest it. The sanctuary lies in a characteristic meadow flanked by Dhauladhars and the regular magnificence of this spot is best relished in late nighttimes or at early mornings. Late nighttimes paint the Dhauladhars in shades of purple and orange. The setting sun transforms these grimacing stone massifs into grinning companions. Once the sun goes down the town of Dharamshala lights up in a radiance of twinkling lights. The dawn is similarly stunning as it parts the fog over the Kangra Valley and enlightens the valley for miles and miles.

Sitting above Kangra valley at dawn.

For those searching for a calm time, November and March are the best time for this trek. The sanctuary stays open from fifteenth March till fifteenth November consistently. After fifteenth November the sanctuary is unmanned attributable to icy climate. Be that as it may, after fifteenth November the living quarters are left opened alongside some crucial supplies, for example, cooking utensils and bedding. The sanctuary has two quarters for guests and a space for the cleric and his assistants. These residences are all around supplied with sleeping cushions and covers. In any case, on the off chance that you wish to maintain a strategic distance from the sanctuary out and out or are searching for a disengaged stay, a glade near the sanctuary makes a brilliant outdoors ground. In the summers it is not irregular for para lightweight flyers to land or take off from this knoll and in fall this glade is the home to a group of wild goats.

Cairn denoting the route to the sanctuary.

There is not a single consumable water in sight on this course or at the sanctuary. Any drinking water must be conveyed from Jia or sourced from one of the two springs near the sanctuary. Be that as it may, these springs are not perpetual and they tend to run dry. In this manner, it suggested that you convey your own drinking water. The shops that dab the trail stay open from March to September and typically stock consumable water.

Lake close to the sanctuary. The flare is the sun ascending behind the Dhauladhars.

It is entirely humorous that the administration fabricated a helipad close to the sanctuary however is yet to accommodate something as essential as consumable water. For the time being, drinking water is carried by walking from the close-by springs or mountain streams and this takes a few hours.

Trek Details

The beginning stage for the trek 800 meters in the wake of traverse "Baner Khad". A hand pump and an establishment stone along the street check the begin of the trail. The trail is partitioned into three unmistakable areas; a cleared solid segment, a progression of stone strides lastly over grass and scree. The cleared solid area is 3.5 kilometers in length and it crisscrosses it's way through a lush segment and along the slope side. As you move higher, require some serious energy to appreciate the Himalayan vultures as they take off the thermals. Towards the end of this area, the perspective towards the Dhauladhars is particularly delightful. The second stone stairs area is 1.4 kilometers in length. The stones move through a dale of firs and end at the base of a knoll. A sanctuary committed to Hanuman sits on this knoll. From the sanctuary the last 3 kilometers are over grass and free shake and scree. Stone cairns and sunlight based light guide you through this last segment. Notwithstanding these markers, red bolts are painted on noticeable stones that check the course to the sanctuary.

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