Trans Zanskar Expedition Ladakh Tour Packages 26 Nights 27 Days (Group Tour) (Start Rs 35500/-) Per Person

Trans Zanskar Expedition Ladakh Tour Packages 26 Nights 27 Days (Group Tour) (Start Rs 35500/-) Per Person

Trans Zanskar Expedition

Territory: Ladakh Himalaya

Span: 27 days

Best Season: Mid June – September

Grade: Challenging

Elevation: 5090 mts. Nuruchan

The Ladakh area and Zanskar together holds a few trekking tracks in the Trans Himalayan Region that covers a few mountain passes, remote towns, old religious communities, profound chasms and patches of rich green knolls. The colossal Trans-Zanskar Expedition is one of the longest and strenuous trails in the Trans-Himalayan locale that takes roughly a month to cover a whole extend from Darcha at 3400 meters to Leh at 3500 meters going through more than 10 mountain passes and a standing out scene spotted from customary tints. Trekking in Ladakh-Zanskar district is every trekker's fantasy that permits them to familiarize the tough territory roosted high past the Himalaya horizon showing the follows and shades of old human advancement and conducing roaming days being with the Indo-Tibetan way of life.

The Trans Zanskar Expedition is a characteristic combination of out-dated greatness and vivid workmanship framing an endless exhibition and highlighting antiquated cloisters like the Lingshed, Karsha, Sani, Bardan and Phuktal. Further the trail moves up to the spectacular wreath of high mountain passes including Shingo La, Parfi La, Hanumil La, Shengi La, Bumiktse La, SirSir La and Prinkti La. Covering just about 26 to 27 days this trekking trail in Ladakh locale likewise permits you to familiarize the antiquated and tough way of life disconnected in the remote towns like the Table, Tanze, Kuru, Jal, Raru, Mone, Padam, Photoskar, Hanupatta and Shilla.

Further the Trans Zanskar Expedition offers the staggering vista of the outlandish glimmering scene secured in snow. Besides the fluctuating atmosphere conditions, unpleasantness and length of the trek is one of the hard and testing treks of Ladakh that initiates from Darcha took after by Palamo, Zanskar Sumdo (4000 meters), Chimnakpo at 4800 meters, Lukung at 4400 meters, Kurgiakh, Shi, Purne at 3650 meters, Gyalbokh, Raru at 3700 meters, Mone, Padam, Rinam, Pissu, Hanumil, Lengshed, Photoskar, Hanupatta at 3450 meters, Shilla and Lamayuru going through the most established cloister in Phugtal, the Phugtal Monastery, which has a place with the convention of the Gelugpas (Yellow Hats).


DAY 01: Delhi

On landing in Delhi airplane terminal, our delegate will be there to meet you and from that point exchange to your pre-booked lodging for an overnight remain.

DAY 02: Delhi - Manali (2050 M)Nuruchan

In the morning after breakfast, we will take you for a guided touring voyage through Delhi. We will be going by the Red Fort which was inherent 1648 by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, Jama Masjid which is one of the biggest mosques in India, Raj Ghat and Shantivan, the cremation destinations of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Lal Nehru, Humayun Tomb, India Gate (War Memorial Arch), Laxmi Narayan Temple and from that point, we will go through the President House, the Parliament House and different government structures. By night, we will drive to Manali by AC Volvo Coach at 18:00 hrs. An overnight voyage in the Volvo.

DAY 03 : Manali (2050 M)

On landing in Manali in the morning, we will exchange you to your pre-booked lodging. Rest of the time is free for relaxation or you can take a voyage through appealing places, for example, Vashisht Hot Springs, Hadimba Devi sanctuary, and so forth. An overnight stay in the inn.

DAY 04: Manali - Darcha (3400 M) 180 kms/5-6 hrsNuruchan

In the morning after breakfast, we will drive along the Beas River upstream towards the left bank through different towns to the Rohtang pass (4050 m). Down the slope, we will drive to the Gramphu and visa check point at Koksar. On achieving Keylong, the tribal area Headquarter which is around 35 kms a head campground at Darcha, we will camp close to the stream at Darcha. An overnight stay in the tent.

DAY 05: Darcha - Palemo (3600 m) 5.30 hrs

Today, we will go for our first trek visit to Palemo. Following a 30 minute stroll to check post, we will visit the little villa and from there on proceed with high over the Zanskar Chhu River through the last town of the valley (Rarick and Chhika) following few hour walk campground is noticeable on the right half of the Zanskar Chhu (stream). An overnight stay in the tent.

DAY 06 : Palamo - Zanskar Sumdo (4000 m) 6 hrsNuruchan

Today, we will go for a steady stroll through the rocks and glades, shepherds from the Kangra valley where we can be observer with their groups. In transit, we need to cross streams twice or thrice. On landing in Zanskar Sumdo (4000 M), a great outdoors ground, we will set our camp there and appreciate an overnight stay in the tent.

DAY 07 : Zanskar Sumdo – Chuminakpo (4500 m) 7.30 hrs

The day is repaired for trekking high on the mountain side wherein firstly, we will be intersection the waterway by a hanging scaffold and after that take a precarious scale for 60 minutes and afterward take after the trek on a tight valley until we achieve Ramjak, a little knoll. From that point, we will trek to Chuminakpo (4800 m). An overnight stay in the tent.

DAY 08 : Chuminakpo - Lahkhang (4300 m) over Shingo la (5090 m) 7-8 hrs

Today, we will take after the way leads over moraines and ice chilled stream. We may need to traverse snow and icy mass and abruptly petition banners can be witness complimenting over the pass. We will go down to the Zanskar valley and before touching base at the campground we need to wade through Kargyak Chhu, delightful camping area on the bank of Lahkhang Chhu. An overnight stay in the tent.

DAY 09 : Lukung - Kargyak (4060 m) 5 hrslukung

In the morning, we will go for a simple trek alongside the right bank of Kargyak Chhu and foot of the Gumboranjom tower; a chilled stream must be crossed. The trek will give you a chance to nearly witness the crowds of yaks and Marmots that are shrieking around the glade and plays find the stowaway. Long arrangement of Mane divider and Chorten are an image to achieve Kargyak town, it houses a little Gompa on the highest point of town. An overnight stay in the tent.

DAY 10: Kargyak - Purni (3800 m) 6 hrs

Today, we will take after the trek which experiences Tanze, Kuru, Testa and Yal. In transit, town ranchers can be seen developing their fields with sweet tune of Zanskar. On landing in Purni, arranged on the intersection of the Tsarap and Kargyak Chhu, we will rest in our tent and appreciate a night sit tight.

DAY 11: Prune - Phugtal - Gyalbokhlukung

Today, we will visit Phugtal Gompa, one of the most seasoned cloisters in Zanskar known for its terrific found. From that point, we will be going through a slender valley and the magnificent crevasse where we will be intersection the extension and go to a little level sprinkled with Chorten and religious pennants. From here, we can see a standout amongst the most stupendous sights of the Phugtal Monastery worked in a hollow. The religious community has a place with the convention of the Gelugpas (Yellow Hats). From there on, we will do a reversal to Prune and further trek up on the left bank of Tsarap River subsequent to intersection the scaffold. On entry in Gyalbokh town, appreciate a night stay in the tent.

DAY 12: Gyalbokh - Raru (3700)

Today, we will go for some troublesome extends for the steeds and donkeys. We will take a steady move before coming to little level and the continuous plunging towards to Raru town for an overnight stay in the tent.

DAY 13: Raru - Mone – Padum

The day is altered for a simple trekking down on motorable street. Following a hour trekking, we will go to a little town called Mone. Here, we will visit a Gompa. Further, on the way following two hours drive we will visit the Bardan Gompa, which is arranged on mountain level. On entry in Padum (3650 m), the capital of Zanskar where two waterways Doda and Tsarap join to shape Zanskar River, we will lease in our camp and appreciate an overnight stay in the tent.

DAY 14: Padum

The day is free for recreation and to adjust.

DAY 15: Padum-Karsha – Rinam

In the morning, from Padum we will head towards Pipiting and take after a dusty plain towards the Doda River and achieve span. We will cross the scaffold from that point to reach Karsha Monastery going back to the sixteenth century. It is the biggest and the wealthiest of all religious communities in Zanskar. Further, we will be trekking down on the plain way to achieve Rinam for an overnight stay in the tent.

DAY 16: Rinam – Pishu (3400 m) 3 hrs through Zangla 6 hrs

Today, we will stroll on the level trail next to the Zanskar River. We will visit the Zangla town, an antiquated capital of Zanskar. Further we can visit the ruin of château and Nunery, a little Gompa in the town. In the wake of going to this town, we will move back to the excellent campground of Pishu for an overnight stay in the tent.

DAY 17: Pissu – Hanumil (3550 m) 5 hrs

We will go for a stupid track driving here and there. We will be traverse stream. Beautiful Chorten show up before touching base in the Pidmo town, which is best to investigate. From that point, we will continue for 2 hours stroll till campground of Hanumil. An overnight stay in the tent.

DAY 18: Hanumil - Snertse (4200 m) over Parfila (3900 m) 6 hrs

Today, we will stroll on the way that leads us far from Zanskar River. Ascend to Parfi-La (3950 m) and after that precarious slip until coming to the Oma-Chu River. On the way, we will be traverse the extension and ascend a 500 m sandy slant to achieve the sheepfolds of Snertse.

DAY 19: Snertse - Hanumil La – Lingshed

We will take after the long steady climb towards Hanumil-La (4877 m). In the wake of coming to on the highest point of Hanumil-La and after that lofty plummet around 1000 meters, we will again move around 400 meter up along the mountain side, cross a little pass and afterward simple drop to Lingshed (3800 m). An overnight stay in the tent.

DAY 20: Lingshed - Foot of Shinge - La

We will continue for a progressive one hour move to the Margum La (4200 m), then pass a ledge to come the slant. A tender plummet towards the towns of Gongma and Skiumpata. Further, we will take a lofty move to Kiupa-la (3850 m) and afterward slow move along mountainside to the foot of Shinge-la. An overnight stay in the tent.

DAY 21: Foot of Shinge - La - Photoskar

We will take around one to two hours steep move to Shinge-la (5060 m) and afterward plummeting to an expansive valley. Once more, we will take a tender trip towards Bumiktse-la (4200 m) and diving towards Photoskar (3750 m), an unbelievable town. An overnight stay in the Tent.

DAY 22: Photoskar - SirSir La – Hanupatta

Today, we will begin from Photoskar and take a tender scale to an expansive Chorten, then long rising of SirSir-la (4990 m). From there on, we will take a simple plummet to the stream and town Hanupatta (3450 m). An overnight stay in the tent.

DAY 23: Hanupatta – Shilla

Today, we will trek down the slant unless entering the canyon and the extension at the intersection of the two waterways. From that point, we will stroll on some simple and some troublesome extends of fallen rocks until we reach Phenji La. A short time later, we will be trekking on motorable street up to Wanla (3245 m). An overnight stay in the tent.

DAY 24: Shilla - Lamayuru – Leh

Today is the latest day of trekking in our visit. We will pass the Shilla town to cross Prinkti-la (3726 m) so as to achieve Lamayuru (3 hrs). Further, we will be going to the religious community and drive to Leh (3500 m). An overnight stay in the inn.

DAY 25: Leh – Shey – Thiksey - Hemis

Today, you will go for a touring visit to some antiquated religious communities around there.

Shey Gompa is around 15 kms from Leh. It used to be the late spring royal residence of the rulers of Ladakh. There are bunches of Stupas and Gompas worked around the castle. Shey royal residence was worked by Deldan Namgyal in the first place of 17'Th century AD. Primary fascination in Shey is the 12m Shakyamuni Buddha statue inside the Dresthang Gompa.

Found near Shey, Thiksey Gompa is around 17 kms from Leh. The religious community is thought to be a standout amongst the most lovely in Ladakh and has a place with the Gelukspa request.

Hemis, around 45 kms south of Leh it is a standout amongst the most well known and biggest religious community in Ladakh. It has a place with the Drukpa arrange and was established in the mid 17'Th century. The setting is impeccable with the religious community supported in an exquisite valley, encompassed by streams and fronted by long Mani dividers. Overnight stay at the visitor house.

DAY 26: Leh – Delhi

Today, we will exchange you to the air terminal at a young hour in the morning to get the flight to Delhi. An overnight stay at the inn in Delhi.

DAY 27: Delhi –Departure

Exchange to the global air terminal to get the flight for onwards destination.

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