Tour Plan:-

Day 1 Arrival at Kathmandu

On Arrival in Kathmandu Airport, Pick-up and move to the hotels. Night Aarti and darshan at Pashupatinath Ji. Supper and medium-term at Hotel.

Suppers Included Dhoteler as it were

Exercises: Pashupatinath Ji Darshan and Tour Briefing

Accomodation:Hotel Hyatt Regency/Gokarna Resort

Transport By: Overland-Hiace Van

Day 2 â€" Kathmandu to Lhasa

Morning after Breakfast, registration from the hotel and move to Kathmandu Airport to load up trip at 11:30 AM. After 1 Hrs flying, Arrival at Gonggar air terminal (1 hr flying) and drive to Lhasa city (90 km/1 hr). Night free for acclimatization/Leisure.

Suppers Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dhoteler as it were

Exercises: Acclimatization and Leisure

Accomodation:Hotel St. Regis

Transport By: Flight and Overland

Day 3 â€" Lhasa

Rest day in Lhasa for acclimatization. Tour touring landmarks in Lhasa: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Square.

Suppers Included:Breakfast, Lunch and Dhoteler as it were

Exercises : Local Sightseeing

Accomodation:Hotel St. Regis

Transport By: Chinese Van

Day 4-Lhasa â€" Shigaste â€" Lhasa By Train (250 Kms/3 Hrs each side)

Morning after breakfast, load up the train (Worlds most elevated train route) for Shigaste (250 Kms/3 Hrs travel time). The train goes through 6 stations and entrancing grand excellence. Night back to the hotel at Lhasa for medium-term stay.

Suppers Included :Breakfast, Lunch and Dhoteler as it were

Activities: Train Journey at universes most elevated route and Sightseeing

Accomodation:Hotel St. Regis.

Transport By: Train and Overland

Day 5 - Lhasa To Ali

After breakfast get onto the trip at 8 AM from Lhasa to Ali. After 2.5 Hrs flying, on Arrival in Ali, Receive by Tibetan guide and move to the hotels at Ali. Lunch at the hotel. Day free for acclimatization.

Suppers Included :Breakfast, Lunch and Dhoteler as it were

Activities: Traveling and Acclimatization

Accomodation:Hotel Gesar

Transport By: By Flight

Day 6 â€" ALI to Mansarovar Lake (200 Kms/3 Hrs)

Morning after breakfast, registration from the hotel and move to Mansarovar Lake by street. On appearance, do the customs, wash up at Mansarovar Lake. After Parikrama of the lake (approx. 80 Kms). Medium-term stays at Guest house (quarters) at scarcely 500-600 meters from the Lake.

Suppers Included :Breakfast, Lunch and Dhoteler as it were

Activities: Pooja, Snan and Parikrama of Mansarovar Lake

Accomodation:Basic Touror house on sharing premise.

Transport By: Overland

Day 7 â€" Mansarovar â€" Yamdwar - Darchen

Morning after restful breakfast, move to Yamdwar (approx. 40 Kms/1 Hrs). Go through your day for Rituals and Pooja at Yamdwar. Later back to hotel at Darchen (Approx 10 Kms) for medium-term stay.

Suppers Included :Breakfast, Lunch and Dhoteler as it were

Activities: Traveling and darshan of Yamdwar

Accomodation:Hotel Himalyan

Transport By: Overland

Day 8 â€" Darchen to Ali

After Breakfast, move to Kunshal Airport at Ali (230 Kms/3 Hrs) to get onto the trip for Lhasa at 10 AM. On Arrival in Gonggar Airport at Lhasa. Get and move to the hotels. Rest of the day is at relaxation.

Suppers Included :Breakfast, Lunch and Dhoteler as it were

Activities: Traveling

Accomodation:Hotel St. Regis

Transport By: Overland and Flight

Day 9 â€" Lhasa to Kathmandu

Morning after breakfast, registration from the hotels and move to the air terminal at Lhasa to load onto the trip at 10:30 AM. On Arrival in Kathmandu, get and move to the hotel. Night free for possess movement.

Suppers Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dhoteler

Exercises: Traveling and Leisure

Accomodation:Hotel Hyatt Regency/Gokarna Resort

Transport By: Flight and Overland

Day 10-Drop at Kathmandu Airport

Morning after comfortable breakfast, registration from the hotels and move to Kathmandu Airport to load onto the trip for forward excursion.

Suppers Included: Breakfast

Exercises: Airport Transfer

Transport By: Overland

Tour Terminate


Cost Includes:

9 Night convenience on twofold inhabitance with all veg. dhoteler.

Kathmandu/Lhasa both way air toll in economy class.

Return train ticket from Lhasa-Shigste-Lhasa

Lhasa/ALI both way air charge in economy class.

Convenience at referenced hotels/Touror house during the Yatra full board Veg. feast.

A/C Hiace Van in Kathmandu and Chinese Van in rest of excursion.

Mansarovar Prikrama by vehicle.

English talking Tour manage all through the Tour.

Chinese visa.

Grant charge.

Humla Restriction expense.

Resting mat, Jacket and Sleeping Bag while on Tour.

Free Duffel Bag.

Gamow pack, oxygen chamber.

General Conditions:

We emphatically encourage to designate 1-2 additional days to conquer any postponements.

Because of the idea of movement, there is consistently the chance of progress in the timetable. The Tour Operator or its accomplices will not be obligated for any such deferrals.

GCH has the option to change the Itinerary in case of unfavorable climate condition or any unanticipated explanation.

The Group will be required to follow the Itinerary carefully. The whole Group will enter and exit together according to plan



Easygoing wears and happy with strolling shoes are prescribed to make a trip to Tibet. Make certain to bring comfortable attire as evenings and early mornings can be very nippy to absolute virus. Indian lady Pilgrims are carefully exhorted not to war Sari. Bring all the film, medication, beautifiers, individual latrine things and so on that you will require from home as these are troublesome if not difficult to acquire in transit. A little emergency treatment pack is additionally a smart thought. Likewise very helpful to have a route map, to know where you are proceeding to have been every day.

What to take:

Winter wear: Gore-Tex material however costly is enthusiastically prescribed to beat the chilling virus. Additionally convey down coat, parka or jackets, warm under wears, Jackets, comfortable pants and woolen shirts (cotton will likewise do), warm sweaters, woolen gloves, sun cap, sun glass, agreeable shoes, light calfskin boots if there should arise an occurrence of day off, balaclava ("monkey top") and scarf/dust veil to shield your eyes and nose from residue and cold.

Carry with you:

Snacks en route. Chocolates, dry organic product, toffees, glucose; "namkeen" and so on. Solid water bottle and water cleaning tablets. Individual clinical unit and Diamox tablet (for high height), Sun glasses (to shield your eyes from UV, which is particularly solid in high elevations), sun square or sun screen moisturizer, wet tissues (Fresh-ones are superb to clear off the residue), garments line/cuts, needle and string, deo-shower (convenient for rotten boots/feet and for a series of splash in the can tent!), bathroom tissue, burn and extra batteries, daypack (little shoulder sack), Camera and movies, Binocular.


This is one of the hardest high height street travels on earth. You Must be genuinely fit - no two different ways about that. For the most part patients with asthma and heart issues have an issue acclimatizing to high elevations. To your greatest advantage, it is fundamental that you be inspected by your primary care physician to think about your wellbeing condition and your capacity to adapt up to the rigors of high height travel for a considerable Tour of time in "no street" conditions, outrageous cold, dust, trekking to an elevation of 19500ft during the Parikrama, and so on.

Height Sickness:

As you are going over high landscape, you are probably going to encounter side effects and uneasiness of height ailment (migraine, loss of hunger, queasiness, weariness, restlessness, windedness and so forth.) until your body acclimates to the rise. This can take a few days or additionally relying upon a person. Thus alone, we have made it obligatory to stay 2 evenings at Nylam (12000ft) before proceeding onward to the higher elevations. Be quiet, and don't work out. Try not to drink liquor or smoke preceding and during the Tour. We additionally prescribe you convey a piece of diamox tablets. Do counsel your doctor on the measurement. We give Gamow pack (an exceptional gear to keep infection from high height) on this Tour.


The unit of Chinese money is Yuan. USD 1 = 6.00 Yuan. 1 Yuan = INR 10.00 approx, Money can trade at Bank of China at Zhangmu or from local people at Zhangmu or Kodari. Trade all your outstanding Yuan toward the finish of the excursion at Zhangmu itself before reemerging Nepal.

Dangers and Liability:

GCH group and its partners will invest each energy to make your excursion smooth and wonderful. Be that as it may, all the Tours in Tibet are lead carefully under the guidelines and guideline of Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB).

In this manner, GCH and its partner will not be liable for any change and modification in the program because of unavoidable conditions, for example, avalanche, street blockage, flood, day off, distress, crossing out of flight, defer appearance, postpone issue of grant and visa, ailment or mishaps. Any additional expense brought about thereof will be borne by the customers on the spot.

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