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May 30, 2023

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

A surreal phenomenon. A majestic epiphany. A staggering revelation- Mount Kailash is not a destination, it’s a journey- Kailash Mansarovar Yatra beyond all form of human imagination that takes you to an elevation of 21,788 feet, and changes your life forever. Conquering formidable peaks, walking along arduous terrains, a sense of isolation envelopes you on more instances than one during this expedition. Overcoming this emotional upheaval while being constantly challenged physically, you return home a whoteler beaming with invincibility. An evolution so palpable, the story of this metamorphosis is going to be the stuff of bestsellers.

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Detailed Itinerary for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu (1450 m)
Gear up for one of the most memorable adventures of your life today as you reach the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. Our representative will be there to welcome and ensure a smooth transfer to your select hotel. After check-in, you can spend the day to relax and get acquainted with the the beauty called Kathmandu.

A bewitching city in the foothills of the Himalayas, exploring Kathmandu is an experience- an emotion so blinding- you will instantly fall in love with the place. With an air of affability, be prepared to be welcomed with open arms as you Tour one of the many busy streets of the city or stop by the courtyard's filled with dry chilies and rice. Seek blessings at the temples or revel in the exquisite cultural glory of the place as you view its enchanting sites. Dhoteler will be served at the hotel in the evening after which you get a good night's sleep for the next day that marks the beghoteling of this fantastic trip.

Day 02: Kathmandu
Wake up to a beautiful morning and gorge on some appetizing breakfast (served at 6:30 AM) before we head out to explore some of the best sightseeing spots in Kathmandu. We reach Kathmandu by 8 AM, and it's only fitting we begin our sojourn by seeking blessings at two of the most revered temples in Nepal, Pashupatinath Temple and Budhanilkanth Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu respectively. This will take up your entire day post which you return to the hotel for a lavish spread of your afternoon meal.

The evening is booked for a short briefing program where you will be introduced to all your group members. After having explored new places and made new friends, it’s time to get some sleep in the comfort of your room.

Optional Trip: If you are interested in Touring some of the highest mountain peaks in the world that are in Nepal, you can also opt for the optional mountain flight tour. An hour long flight that takes you over the highest peaks, this is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience, which can be availed at an additional cost. If you choose this, make sure you are ready at the hotel by 5.30 AM since the flight departs at 6.30 AM. Do note - the flights are weather dependent.

Day 03: Kathmandu - Safrubeshi Besi (145 KMS | 7 hours)

Mark this day as the first big step to your Kailash Mansarovar journey. Today, we drive from Kathmandu to Safrubeshi Besi, which is about a 7-hour, drive. The time to reach the place is dependent on the road conditions and traffic. Although the overall drive is smooth, traffic conditions can make the journey time consuming and tiring. Your stay is booked at a guesthouse, where dhoteler will be served before you retire for the night.

Day 04: Safrubeshi Besi – Rasuwagadhi (2hrs drive) – Kerong (125 KMS | 4-5 hours | 13550 feet)

It's not often in your life that will get a chance to cross borders and step in another country on foot. Well, today is one of those rare days that you will! After breakfast, we to drive to Rasuwagadi( 2hrs) to move to the other side of the Nepalese border - the China side - on foot. A short halt till our team sorts the immigration formalities; you will soon find yourself in a Chinese bus that takes you to Kerong. The bus, controlled and guided by Tibetans are sturdy and comfortable. The Nepalese Sherpas accompanying you will make sure food, water, and other equipment for your comfort are loaded on the bus.

Ensuring your smooth check-in at the guesthouse, we leave you to relax and spend the rest of your day at leisure. With not much to do, you can take a walk to the nearby market while our help will set the kitchen and serve you light snacks along with tea and coffee. An early dhoteler (served between 7 - 8 PM), we suggest you rest well for the next day.

Important Remark: It may take some time for you to acclimatize to the weather in the city considering you will be at the height of 13550 feet. To combat the feeling of discomfort, we suggest you drink as much water as possible. It is also advised you consume soup, juice, tea, coffee, or hot water at regular intervals to keep yourself hydrated and to keep breathing even.

Day 05: Kerong (2700 m)

Today is the day (the only one during the tour) when you get can ample sleep and rest. Reaching such high altitudes can be challenging for even the most experienced trekkers; so don't worry if you find it tough to adjust to the climate of the place. Our experienced trip managers will be happy to take you around the place on short hikes to familiarize you with the air and temperature of Tibet. You can also opt to stay indoors and become a part of the bhajans and kathas that happen at frequent intervals.

Day 06: Kyirong - Saga - Dongba (310 KMS | 7 hours | 15091 feet)

After having adjusted to the place, we move on in our journey to Dongba. A beautiful drive through mountain terrains, and past the panoramic view of the blue lake, Pieko-Tso. The spellbinding views of the Yarlung Zangpo (the Brahmaputra River) as it flows alongside, and the northern route through the beautiful town of Saga (15879 feet above sea level), will leave you amazed at God's beautiful creations. Soon there is a shift in scenery and in front of you soar the high plains of Tibet - so soft, so gorgeous, and just so photogenic. We then drive to Dongba, which is our halt for the night. You may want to begin getting used to dormitory style rooms at your guesthouses or lodges by this time!

Day 07: Dongba - Lake Manasarovar (370 KMS | 6-7 hours | 15085 feet )

Seek divine blessing as we begin this challenging yet fulfilling journey to one of the highest and holiest lakes in the world - Lake Manasarovar. Start your day with a scrumptious breakfast at 7:30 AM post which we begin our drive to the lake. Our first stop is at Mayumla Pass, 4900 m above sea level where we halt for permit formalities and lunch. Crossing the Mayumla Pass and Prayang County, you will catch the first glimpse of Mount Kailash close to reaching the shores of the lake. While the colossal mountain may seem intimidating, you feel a surge to conquer it - no matter what! Before heading to the lake, we Tour our guesthouse at Chiu Gompa to check-in (We may have to change our vehicle at this point depending on the authorization from the local authorities. We may have to use the local buses operated in the region).

Congratulate yourself for achieving the feat of having reached Lake Mansarovar. Only those truly driven are able to complete this part of the trek, which also marks completing 70% of the Sarovar Parikrama. The rest will be completed when you trek to Mount Kailash. Spend some quality time at the lake as you revel in its beauty. Breathe the fresh air, soak in the beauty of the place and meditate before we return to the guesthouse. Overnight stay in your dormitory rooms at the lodge/guesthouse.
Day 08: Lake Manasarovar - Darchen (80 KMS | 2 hours | 15990 feet)​

You otherworldly stay really starts today as we settle up with the guesthouse in the first part of the day and get ready for a plunge at the Lake Manasarovar. The sacred plunge is a mind-boggling experience and you start to feel the otherworldliness of the spot leak in you. In the interim we ensure every one of your needs are dealt with. We mastermind shower tents for women for evolving garments, and furthermore locate an able spot for explorers to take the plunge. You are likewise allowed to do a puja or havan at a spot close to the lake. When the customs are done, we start our excursion to the base of Mount Kailash - Darchen.

Get a look at the Rakshas Tal (Demon's Lake), which lies on the opposite side of Lake Manasarovar during our drive to the spot. The base of Mount Kailash and the authoritative center point of Kailash locale, Darchen is your prevent point for today from where the circumambulation around Kailash starts. Investigate the nearby markets at night and come back to your guesthouse for a medium-term stay.

Discretionary Trip: We additionally mastermind the Asthapad journey trip from Darchen on demand. In any case, one must be set up to trek from Darchen to Asthapad and back if there is no vehicle accessible. The tip is additionally dependent upon the authorization from neighborhood specialists. Tibetan Guides can be employed on direct installment premise.

Day 09: Yam Dwar (8 KMS Drive) Parikrama - Derapukh (12 KMS | 6 hours trek | 16587 feet)

The start of the end, we start the trek to Mount Kailash today. A light breakfast will be served before we move to Tarboche. Everybody in the gathering Tours with the Yama Dwar, otherwise called the Gates of the Lord of Death. This is the beghoteling stage of the Kailash Mansarovar Trek. Persons not heading off to the parikrama will come back to the guesthouse and sit tight for two days at the Darchen guesthouse for the others to return. The others will proceed their ahead excursion for the parikrama. You can either select to go by walking or contract a pony/yak or watchman to effectively finish the excursion. You can likewise get your Tibetan manual for help you with the contract on direct installment premise. The pony/yak or watchman allocated to you will stay with you all through this excursion. Dealing with your nourishment needs, we will contract Yaks and Yak-men to convey our kitchen and different coordinations for Kora. Prior to starting the excursion, travelers to ensure they have their stuffed lunch and high temp water bottles with them.

The main day is a steady rising making it a simple trek for you. Strolling along the Glacial River, we will have the option to reach Derapukh in 5-6 hours. We take an end in the middle of to devour our pressed lunch. Since Derapukh is freezing all things considered time, our housing will be reserved ahead of time. Derapukh is probably the nearest point to Mount Kailash, and the North substance of the mountain is unequivocally unmistakable from here. Entrancing, mammoth, and stunning the minute when you first view Mount Kailash will stay carved in your memory until the end of time. The temperature at dusks underneath zero degrees, so ensure you are all around secured. When we arrive at the goal, we rapidly registration and have a light supper (Khichdi, soup and so forth.) and resign in our beds.

Note: Hot drinkable water will be made accessible toward the beghoteling of the day for the afternoon. If it's not too much trouble fill your jug.

Day 10: Derapukh - Dolma-La Pass - Zuthulpukh (22 KMS trek | 10 hours | 18471 feet)

Apparatus up for the hardest day of the trek. Getting up as right on time as the break of day, you witness the falling beams of the sun on the Mount Kailash transforming it into 'Brilliant Kailash.' The exertion of getting up so early appears to merit each moment once you witness this shining excellence. A brisk light breakfast, preparing yourself some lunch and a high temp water bottle, we start our trek to Zuthulphuk. The climb starts with a precarious move up to the Dolma-La High Pass (5539 m). This may take as long as 4 hours. The following not many kilometers till Gauri Kund is a precarious plummet. You before long touch a level surface where you should stroll for about 2.5 hours. The whole procedure is around 9-10 hours and can end up being really strenuous for a person.

Attempt to keep up a predictable pace during the trek with the goal that the greatest route is secured before the breezes begin setting in. At the highest point of Domla-La, we Tour a spot called Shivasthal. Secured with petition banners and other Tibetan adornments, the strict confidence proposes that Persons who leave their garments or other individual things here will discover it in paradise after their demise. This is one spot where you genuinely feel the awesome interface, and it is no big surprise that Persons who come back from here are generally not the equivalent any more.

Note: Hot drinkable water will be made accessible in the first part of the day for the afternoon. If you don't mind fill your jug.

Note: About 3-4kms trek (rise and plummet) close Dolma La pass is steep and rough.

Day 11: Darchen (8 KMS Trek) and drive to Dongba (3-4 hours trek| 8 KMS | 340 KMS | 6 hours drive)

The most recent day of the trek is moderately shorter and snappier. 3-4 hours of trekking and we arrive at the base camp to move to the town of Darchen. Strolling downhill, you will before long observe an available street from Darchen, which will take you to the guesthouse to join different Persons from the gathering.

Sharing travel stories and having lunch with them, we proceed with our drive to Dongba. This denotes the finish of the parikrama. On the off chance that legends is to be accepted, you have effectively washed away the entirety of your transgressions of this birth and are on your street to accomplishing nirvana. At long last, unwind at the guesthouse today and medium-term stay at Darchen.

Day 12: Dongba - Keyrong (310 KMS | 7-8 hours drive)

Wake up to a wonderful morning with the sentiment of achievement of having finished the Lake Mansarovar Parikrama. We advance toward the town of Saga, and indeed traverse the shining Brahmaputra River. Covering the excellent tremendous fields of Tibet, staggering Himalayan perspectives stay with all of you through the Tour, and upgrading the magnificence of the scene are the Shishapangma and the Pieko-Tso Lake. All around pitched streets and rocky territory, this driving experience closes when we reach Kyirong and stay there medium-term.

Day 13: Kyirong – Rasuwagadhi – Kathmandu (270 KMS | 8-10 hours)

Bid farewell to Tibet today as we drive towards the outskirt after breakfast. Taking the necessary authorization from Nepalese Immigration Control in Rasuwagadi, we sit in a vehicle to head to the Nepal side. Sit back serenely for the following 8-10 hours till you arrive at Kathmandu. This is the best time to remember each minute spent on the trek, each obstacle crossed, and each new experience you've picked up during your time here. Supper and medium-term stay at the hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 14: Departure

Today, pack to take a trip back home from Tribhuvan International Airport. With reestablished vitality and a new point of view on life, come back to your people with energizing stories of your most recent 14 days.


All important Tibet section for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

Tibet bunch Visa for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

Chinese Visa for Kailash Yatra

Tibetan guide from China Tibet Tourism Board. (CTTB)

An Tour chief for each gathering, most extreme gathering size of 45 pax

Enough Sherpa bolster staff. The Touror to staff proportion will be 1:7


Kathmandu - 03 Nights Hotels in Hotel Singi or Hotel Manaslu/Similar on twin/twofold sharing

Safrubeshi - 01 Night Hotels in perfect and clean Guest House on different offering to normal can with no running water.

Keyrong - 03 Night Hotels in slick and clean Guest House on numerous offering to regular can with no running water.

Dongba - 02 Night Hotels in slick and clean Guest House on numerous offering to regular can with no running water.

Mansarovar - 01 Night Hotels in essential Guest House on numerous offering to regular can with no running water.

Darchen - 01 Night Hotels in Hotel Himalaya/Similar on triple sharing (03 Night accomodation in Hotel Himalaya/Similar on triple sharing for the Touror who quit to do Parikrama)

Diraphuk - 01 Night convenience in fundamental Guest House on various imparting to basic can with no running water.

Zuthulphuk - 01 Night convenience in fundamental Guest House on various imparting to basic can with no running water.


Get from air terminal to hotel on day 01 and drop to air terminal from hotels on day 14 (a day ago of the Tour) in a cooled vehicle.

Pasupathi Nath Temple and Boudha Tour in a cooled vehicle

Transportation from Kathmandu to Nepal - China fringe and back to Kathmandu from Nepal China Border in a non cooled 27 seater standard transport with pushback seats

Outskirt crossing by walking for 1KM

In the wake of intersection fringe to China, from China outskirt to Yamadwar and from Sersong back to China - Nepal outskirt in a non cooled Chinese special transport with push secondary lounges.

Dhotelers - Basic vegan suppers all through the excursion

Test Menu

Bed Tea(Served in like manner territory/Room) - Tea/Coffee

Breakfast - Milk/Tea/Coffee, Corn Flakes/Muesli, Aloo Puri or Chole bhature or upma or Idly and Sambar or Poha or Bread Butter Jam

Lunch - 01 Dal, 01 Sabji, 01 Pickle, 01 Pappad, Rice, Tawa Roti, 01 sweet dish or Fruit

Pack Lunch - Aloo Puri or Sandwich pr Paratha with Pickle, Fruit, Tetra Pack Juice, Small chocolate.

Supper - 01 Dal, 01 Sabji, 01 Pickle, 01 Pappad, Rice, Tawa Roti, 01 sweet dish or Fruit

Note - In Nepal nourishment will be served by the hotels or Touror house we stay and in Tibet nourishment will arranged and served by our sherpa group.

Packaged mineral water - 02L every day in Kathmandu and 04L every day in every single other spot.

A supporting truck for conveying kitchen hardware and nourishment

Complimentary pristine duffel sack and day pack.

Complimentary fresh out of the plastic new down coat

All outdoors hardware ( feasting tent, kitchen tent, kitchen utensils, table, seats, latrine tent and so forth.)

First aid pack which will have Gamow Bag, oxygen chambers and basic first aid kit.

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