Kailash Mansarovar Helicopter Service 2023 Group Tour Cost :- 1,40,000/- Per Person

May 30, 2023

Kailash Mansarovar Hoteler Kora by Overland

In Hindu folklore, Lord Shiva is accepted to be the incomparable aggregator of grandiose vitality. He is tended to as Mahakaal, a substance who is past death and time. Mt. Kailash is the great residence Lord Shiva. Known to mankind, there are such sacred Places that offer profound emanation in your journey Tour.

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Tour Itinerary

Day 1:- Arrival

Feast: L/D

Elevation: 1400m

Time taken: 20-25 minutes (around the city)

Method of transport: private vehicle

Subsequent to coming to Tribhuvan Internation Airport, our driver will get you at the passageway door and drop you at the hotels. You will be offered welcome beverages by our delegates in the hotel. The agent will brief the whole Itinerary to you. At night, you will be going to Pashupatinath sanctuary for night aarti. In Nepal, Pashupatinath is accepted to be the national icon. Heading out to Nepal will be deficient without Touring the lovely sanctuary of Pashupatinath. The ringing hints of night petition chimes will be an entrancing encounter for you. Around evening time you will get warm delightful nourishment at your hotel.

Day 2:- Kathmandu touring

Feast: B/L/D

Elevation: 1400m

Separation: Kathamandu Sightseeing: 26km (2hours)

Method of Transport: Bus mentor

After breakfast, you will prepare for the touring of Kathmandu. It is one of the antiquated urban areas with loads of magnificent bit of design. You will truly savor the charming excellence of the capital city. The city will amaze with its vestiges and the otherworldly emanation. Conversely with the last night, today you will experience the excellence of the design of the sanctuary. This social legacy site stays on the banks of River Bagmati throughout the hundreds of years. As per Shaivites, it is one of the heavenly residences Lord Shiva. Based on fifth century under the Licchavi King, Prachanda Dev, this sanctuary draws in the travelers for its compositional noteworthiness. In the inward sanctum of the sanctuary, the prime icon is of the state of Mukhalinga made out of stone with a brilliant limited yoni alongside the snake. The icon has faces coordinating in four essential ways of the world holding the rudraksha on right hand and kamandalu on the other. Your sanctuary Tour will be cultivated with the Tour of the various sanctuary buildings inside the primary sanctuary. In the internal and external patio, you will discover various sanctuaries committed to various masters. This pagoda styled sanctuary engineering with wooden cut rafters will be a visual pleasure to appreciate.

After this, you will travel Budhanilkantha sanctuary. This sanctuary is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Situated in the northern piece of the capital city, this lovely sanctuary is set beneath the Shivapuri slopes. The biggest stone cutting Vishnu statue is the biggest one. The significance of the statue is for its brilliant stone cut chiseling abilities. You will locate the prime god leaning back on the vast snake named Shesha. The crown of Kirtimukha has made the divinity look increasingly cute. The statue was etched, thinking back to the seventh century under the rule of Vishnu Gupta.

Next, you will be going to Golden Temple Mahabouddha for its grand carvings on the divider. This landmark was worked in the fourteenth century with dirt blocks. This sanctuary was worked affected by the Shikhara style. You will discover lovely chips away at earthenware covering the picture of Lord Buddha. This sanctuary is manufactured after the design of Mahabouddha sanctuary situated in Bodhgaya.

Stay medium-term at Kathmandu.

Day 3:- Kathmandu to Syrabrubenshi

Supper: B/L/D

Elevation: Kathmandu – 1400m

Syabrubesi – 2380m

Separation: 152km (7hours)

Method of Transport: transport mentor

Today you will be driving from the capital city to another wonderful town situated inside the national park of Langtang. This excellent town gets mainstream because of the Kailash Yatra among the travelers. On the off chance that you have sufficient opportunity, you can experience the neighborhood social way of life of the Persons staying in the Langtang valley. This wonderful town is situated on the stream banks of Trishuli. Because of moist climate, precipitation happens frequently right now. While driving across Syabrubesi, you will feel the canyon like geography between two mountains. Because of high height, you will feel the chilliness in climate. Around evening time you will stay here.

Day 4:- Drive to Rasuwagadi and head to Kerung

Dhoteler: B/L/D

Height: Rating: 2600m, Kerung: 3700m

Separation: Syabrubesi to Reach: 15kms (1hour)

Buy in to Kerung: 26kms (2hours)

Method of Transport: transport mentor

On the next morning, you will be heading to the marginal town of Rasuwagadi. From here you will get Tibetan aides alongside Tibetan vehicle to enter the Tibetan Autonomous Region. It will be very energizing for the explorers to appreciate the centrality of a dead zone. Right now, one can feel the world with no topographical limits. At that point you will be heading to Kerung. It is situated on the stream banks of Gyirong. As the town is situated at a rise of 2700 m you need to adjust with the furthest points of the atmosphere.

Day 5:- Acclimatization day

Feast: B/L/D

Elevation: 3700m

Separation: around the city

Method of Transport: by walk

Kailash Yatra required mental just as physical solidarity to finish the excursion. Acclimatization day is for adjustment reason. You can walk around the delightful town of Kerung to make yourself arranged for the excursion. Stay medium-term at Kerung.

Day 6:- Drive to Dongba

Dhoteler: B/L/D

Height: 4500m

Separation: 250kms (9hours)

Method of Transport: transport mentor

Today in the wake of taking breakfast you will travel Tibet Autonomous Region of Dongba. The other name of this township is classified "poor person's township". This wonderful uneven city is arranged on the stream valley of Nujiang. Prior the vehicle administrations were downright terrible. During the 1970s, China began the improving the valley. The neighborhood inhabitants of Dongba prior left the valley to look for an occupation. By and by the neighborhood Persons of Dongba center for the most part around reestablishing the compositional example. You will like those structural wonderful qualities on your drive. On the drive, you will get the wonderful look at Mt Sishapangma and Gauri Shankar on your way. On the off chance that you are a fervent admirer of nature, at that point the sloping territories will appeal you. The all encompassing perspective on the dusk in the mountains will be a treasuring lifetime memory. Stay medium-term at Dongba.

Day 7:- Drive to Lake Mansarovar

Dhoteler: B/L/D

Height: 4500m

Separation: 385kms (10-12hours)

Method of Transport: transport mentor

Today you will be heading to the most elevated freshwater lake on the planet, Lake Mansarovar. The parikrama around Lake Mansarovar finishes your otherworldly Tour to Mt. Kailash. Just because, you will get the look at Lake Mansarovar alongside Mt. Kailash from removed. Since days of yore it is accepted that in the event that an individual implores something from the center of unadulterated heart, at that point the lake will satisfy his desires. Today around evening time you will stay in the guesthouse situated close Chuu Gompa Monastery.
Day 8:- Lake Parikrama and drive to Darchen

Supper: B/L/D

Height: 4560m

Separation: 30kms (3hours)

Method of Transport: transport mentor

Today you will be finishing your parikrama around the lake. Right off the bat you will perform customs for the spirits of your progenitors. It is accepted that the travelers perform stylized ceremonies on the shores of the lake for the quietness of the progenitors. In the wake of performing puja, contemplation and blessed shower you will be heading to Darchen. It is a little town situated inside the Purang County of the independent district of Tibet. This lovely town is currently home for Tibetan travelers. This town is likewise useful for wanderers for brushing of sheep. For Kailash Yatra, this town turns into a significant inception area for the excursion.

Day 9:- Tirthapuri journey

Feast: B/L/D

Elevation: 4752km

Separation: 2hours drive and afterward trekking

Method of Transport: transport mentor and afterward trekking

On their profound Tour to Mt. Kailash, the pioneers consistently look for of investing more energy in the excellent landscape of mountains. They need to feel the closeness with the heavenliness. In strict sacred texts, mountains were frequently depicted as the baffling regions for the safe house of divine beings. Till date, it is accepted divine beings live in detachment in these excellent scenes. Among the Hindu pioneers, Tirthapuri makes sure about a unique notice for its profound essentialness. It is accepted that to scrub down in the underground aquifers of Tirthapuri, one will be restored of any sort of physical infirmities. An excursion to Mt. Kailash goes about as the total way of accomplishing freedom. It is a Buddhist journey site situated close to the banks of Sutlej River. Making a trip to the sacred place that is known for Tirthapuri is very popular among the travelers. After the circumambulation around Lake Mansarovar and Mt. Kailash, the travelers investigate this otherworldly center point. It is the third holiest site situated in the Western Tibet. A definitive spot of the endeavor right now is Tirthapuri. The underground aquifers situated in Tirthapuri give the most alleviating experience to the explorers. The condition of unwinding and freedom has been a consistent worry among the explorers. An excursion to Tirthapuri offers fulfillment to it. After the strenuous excursion across mt. Kailash, this profound excursion will give an exhaustion free encounter. The pioneers here likewise enjoy custom circumambulation. It is likewise accepted that parikrama around Tirthapuri for multiple times is equivalent to parikrama around Kailash for 1 time. It takes around 1 hour to finish the parikrama. On your way, you will find a good pace Tirthapuri religious community. It is accepted as the strict site for loving the goddess of Dorje Phagmo. Right now, along his associate Yeshe Tsogyel is conspicuously venerated here.

It is a solitary day journey from Darchen. You will trek for around 4 hours to reach Tirthapuri.

Day 10:- Astapad trip

Dhoteler: B/L/D

Height: 4900m

Separation: 8km

Method of Transport: trekking

Today you will be heading off to another area from Darchen. In Hindu way of thinking, everybody looks for nirvana eventually in their life. The possibility of freedom implies how one repudiates the total subjugation of the world to have a benevolent existence. Among the Jains, accomplishing nirvana is the most elevated level of inward genuine feelings of serenity. Rishabhadeva, the first Tirthankara achieved his nirvana in Ashtapad in transit of Mt. Kailash. The name recommends "eight stages". Among the Jains, this is one of the most strict locales for accomplishing freedom from pleasuring life. Asthapad venture consolidates eight stages prompting caverns of various types. The lovers take the parikrama covering a separation of 52kms around Mt. Kailash to accomplish the way of freedom. One needs to confront the antagonistic climatic conditions while in transit to parikrama. On the way of parikrama, Ashtapad is one of the most well known journey destinations while Touring the profound dwelling place Lord Shiva. This acclaimed journey place of worship isn't just celebrated among the Jains yet in addition among the Hindus too. To take the excursion of Ashtapad, the explorers need to find a way to go into the delightful royal residence. The travelers become totally excited by taking a gander at the normal excellence of the mountains around. The mountain tops in transit of Ashtapad is collapsed in the Sichuan territory of the Southwest China near Tibetan fringe. It will take a day to finish a trek of 8km from Darchen to reach Astapad. Around evening time you will stay in Darchen.

Day 11: - Saptarishi Cave journey

Feast: B/L/D

Elevation: 4580m

Separation: 11.3km

Method of Transport: trekking

Today you will be setting off to another area called Saptarishi Cave. It falls in transit of Nandi inward kora. These caverns are of critical qualities among the voyagers. This site is acclaimed for the sages who were committed enthusiasts of Lord Shiva. The caverns comprise of 13 chortens. In the hour of Nandi internal kora, the trekking to the Saptrishi caverns is the most troublesome one. The Tourors need to take this massive excursion to get the awesome greatness of superb dwelling place Lord Shiva. This photelacle has been a significant zone of investigation among the explorers for its strict centrality. These caverns are arranged at a high height of 6000m. One who is eager to Tour saptrishi caverns needs to stay back in Darchen. The Tourors take Darchen as one of the most open trekking focuses for the parikrama. Stay medium-term in Darchen.

Day 12:- Drive to Yamdwar and afterward trek till Dhiraphuk

Supper: B/L/D

Elevation: Yamdwar: 4575m, Dhiraphuk: 4775m

Separation: Darchen to Yamdwar-transport mentor

Yamdwar to Dhiraphuk – trek

Method of Transport: first drive at that point trek

From today onwards you will be taking part in parikrama across Mt. Kailash. Nobody is permitted to move high of Mt. Kailash because of its legendary and strict importance. You will be driving towards Yamdwar. From Darchen it is 10 km away taking an hour to reach. From Yamdwar, you will trek towards Dhiraphuk. The parikrama across Mt. Kailash covers 38km. you will trek towards Dhiraphuk by walking.

Day 13:- Trek to Zuthulphuk by means of Kuber Kund

Feast: B/L/D

Elevation: Zuthulphuk-4700m

Separation: 22kms (10hours)

Method of Transport: trek

Today you will be leaving your customary range of familiarity. You will trek for 22kms today to reach Zuthulphuk. In the internal kora, you will be going through Kuber Kund. It is one of the most strenuous treks. One needs to stroll through profound layers of day off. Stay medium-term at Zuthulphuk.

Day 14:- Trek to Darchen and drive back to Dongpa

Supper: B/L/D

Separation: Zuthulphuk to Darchen-5kms (4-5hours)

Darchen to Dongpa: 53kms (2hours)

Method of Transport: trek and afterward drive

Today is the latest day of your Kailash Yatra. You will cover around 8kms of the excursion. You will trek down to Darchen. It will take around 3 hrs to finish the excursion. Subsequent to coming to Darchen, drivers will be looking out for the opposite side of the path. You will be driving back to Dongba. Around evening time you will stay at Dongba.

Day 15:- Drive to Kerung

Supper: B/L/D

Separation: 110kms (3-4 hours)

Method of Transport: transport mentor

In the wake of finishing your morning meal you will be heading to Kerung from Dongba. On the start of your Tour in the event that you are absence of time, presently you can investigate the town of Kerung on your drive back. Around evening time you will stay in Kerung.

Day 16:- Drive to Kathmandu

Feast: B/L/D

Separation: 175kms (8hours)

Method of Transport: transport mentor

At the last stretch of your excursion, you will arrive at the capital city of Kathmandu. In the event that you have times, at that point go out to shop in the neighborhood places. Stay medium-term in Kathmandu.

Day 17:- Departure

Dhoteler: B

Separation: around the city (barely 30 minutes' drive)

Method of Transport: transport mentor

Today after breakfast, our driver will drop you at the air terminal according to your planning of the flight.

Price Includes
In Kathmandu hotels housing 5 evenings with full board suppers fundamental and every single required transportation and touring according to above recorded Tour Itinerary Nepal and Tibet. Tibet visa, Entry grant, Kailash Hoteler parikarma passage charge, Monasteries section license expense in Tibet, passages Tour best accessible hotel and Guest house with the exception of 1 evenings during the internal parikarma. On internal parikarma, we give tents, hiking bed, resting sleeping cushion, all meals(dhoteler/breakfast/lunch). We give pack lunch while we drive or stroll on parikarma), experience cook, English and Hindi speaking Nepalese guide, English speaking Chinese guide, requires Nepalese Sherpa's, Super Luxury Bus and supporting truck for baggage, Yak and yak man during the parikarma (Kora) for conveying gear, emergency treatment unit box, Holy Lake Mansarovar parikarma (Circuit) by drive. Ascending hardware for Hoteler Parikarma, Mountain Climbing Guide. We give Duffle Bag, Down Jackets, Day sack (Duffle Bag and Day pack we give as keepsake blessing from our organization).

Price Excludes

Tips, individual costs, refreshment, cold beverages, call salvage and crisis cost, clinical and medical clinic costs (encase wiped out in transit kailash Yatra). Travel protection, individual riding horse, individual utilize doorman, and global flights Tickets. Extra (+3 Days) Muktinath Tour Along with Kailash Tour(Yatra) Price per individual Indian Citizen INR 26500.00 Price per individual NRI (Foreign) US Dollar $. 850.00

General Information Regarding Kailash Mansarovar Tour

Individual Horse riding costs, Personal utilize doorman.

Travel protection, Rescue and crisis clearings administration, clinical and medical clinic costs (on the off chance that you become wiped out in transit)

Additional Night Hotels in Kathmandu/Timure/Kyirong/adventure/Darchan/Nepalganj/Simikot or, more than likely at different places because of terrible climate or some other Chinese explanation is charged.

on the off chance that returning prior from Kailash Yatra ,bunches visa parting charge each RMB 165 and additional transportation cost each $USD 100/day.(China Govt – FEC rules)

Refreshment/drinks and extra tips.

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