Kailash Mansarovar Route Map from Delhi 2023 Group Tour Cost:- 1,40,000/- Per Person

May 30, 2023

Kailash Mansarovar's excursion from Lucknow

Tour 09 Nights/10 Days

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Lucknow Nepalganj Simicot Hilsa Tuckalakot YamvadarDerafukDolma-La PassJutulpuk

offer Price Rs 1,80,000/per individual.


Nepalgang is a significant center point in the Kailash Yatra route by helicopter route as the airplane begins from here. Of practically all significant urban areas in India, Nepalganj is very near Lucknow (approx. 185 km). Lucknow has become a center point for Kailash Yatra because of its vicinity to Nepalganj. Trip for Kailash Yatra begins from Nepalganj. The majority of Nepal's movement by helicopter route is via plane, helicopter and some street, while in Tibet it is supported by Volvo Bus.

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Point by point Itinerary

Day: 1 Lucknow - Nepalganj (165 km 4/5 hours)

Pickup from Lucknow air terminal or railroad station and move to Nepanagar. On appearance check in at the hotels. We will illuminate you about your Kailash venture after that supper and stay in the hotels.

Day: 2 Nepalgunj - Simikot

Have your morning meal in the first part of the day and take a departure from Nepalganj Airport to Simikot (40-50 minutes flight) After coming to Simikot, look into the hotel for supper and stay at the hotel.

Day: 3 Simicot-Hilsa - Tuklakot

After the morning refreshment we take a helicopter (20 minutes flight) to Hisla. Hilsa is the outskirt of Nepal-Tibet and anticipates all other co-voyagers here and afterward enters Tibet from Hilsa. From this one enters the Purang by Volvo transport (30 minutes) where after some administrative work, they arrive at the hotel Purang and rest. Supper and rest will be at Hotel Taklakot.

Day: 4 Taklakot to Mansarovar Lake (78 Kms)

Next morning we leave for Mansarovar Lake after breakfast. This excursion is finished in 2 to 2.5 hours by Volvo class transport. On this day itself, we begin seeing Kailash from Mansarovar Marg itself. In the wake of coming to Mansarovar, we rotate around Manasarovar Lake by transport which is around 105 kilometers. In the wake of washing we rest in the Touror house close to the Mansarovar lake. Around evening time, a few people can go for an all encompassing perspective on Mansarovar. Supper and rest will be at the Touror house.

Day: 5 Mansarovar lake to Darchen

Subsequent to morning breakfast from Mansarovar leave for Darchen. This excursion is around 60 minutes. Darchen is the base camp of Kailash Parikrama. From here Kailash can be seen intently. Supper and rest will be at the hotels in Darcheon itself.

Day 6: First day of Kailash Parikrama

After the early morning breakfast we leave for Yama Dwar by transport, the excursion will be around 30 minutes. From Yamdwar, one can see the northern essence of Kailash, which is viewed as the best every which way. The Persons who are not doing Kailash Parikrama, in the wake of Touring from this, they go to the Darchen Touror house and we need to live and eat there. Whoever is circling a pony, they will horse to their detriment. Whatever the travelers are hovering, regardless of whether by walking or by horse, all will rotate. Subsequent to orbiting the primary day, we reach Derafuk. Supper and rest will be in the Touror house.

Day 7: Second day of Kailash Parikrama

The following day, toward the beghoteling of the day, the fancy woman finds a workable pace after breakfast begins the Kailash parikrama of the subsequent day. On the subsequent day, the underlying 6 kilometers are the most troublesome piece of the whole circle. It is a 4 kilometer long trip and subsequent to finishing it we arrive at the Dolma-La Pass from where the Gauri Kund is seen. The staying 14 kilometers are practically level or inclining. In the wake of venturing to every part of the whole 22 km, we reach Jutulpuk where we rest after supper.

Day 8: Departure for Taklakot

The following day, in the first part of the day, the classician finds a workable pace after breakfast begins the parikrama on the third day. It takes around 3 hours to finish. For the most part it is finished by 9:00 - 10: 00 AM. In the wake of finishing the Kailash circumambulation, we go to Darcheon by transport and take the Persons who have not done the circumambulation (they ruminate and rest in Darchan) and leave for Taklakot. Supper and rest will be at Hotel Taklakot.

Day: 9 Taklakot - Hilsa - Nepalganj

The following day after breakfast, following a 30-minute excursion by transport, reach Hilsa, take a helicopter from Hilsa to Simikot and afterward take a departure from Simikot to Nepalganj. Supper and rest at Nepalganj will be at the hotel.

Day: 10 Nepalganj - Lucknow

The following day, after breakfast, arrive at Lucknow after an excursion of 4-5 hours by transport.

The accompanying highlights are incorporated

Visa Permit All Entrance Fees

Veggie lover nourishment (breakfast, lunch and supper)

Living arrangement (5 evenings out of 9 evenings in helicopter route venture in hotel)

Transport (Flight, Helicopter and Road) all through our excursion is likewise referenced in the Itinerary.

1 Nepali Tour control/supervisor, 1 Chinese/Tibetan Tour manage, Sherpa's group baggage

Transport by Volvo class transport/mentor to Tibet side as indicated by bunch size.

Unconditional presents (sack packs, duffle sacks and different adornments)

Travel coat

Oxygen chamber for crisis use.

Yak for the Kailash parikrama just for machines and kitchen utensils.

Coming up next is excluded

Individual costs of any sort

Travel costs of the explorer from his place to Kathmandu/Lucknow

Pony and pony costs for Kailash Parikrama

Any sort of protection

Consumption of any sort of treatment or medication

Products and Service Tax

Expanded spending on movement under any circumstances

Any use brought about on first takeoff from Tibet in any way, shape or form.

Consumption brought about in salvage or alleviation work in the event of any misfortune or antagonistic conditions.

Additional expense

Any sort of close to home consumption

Horse/Porter costs in Kailash Parikrama

Clinical costs of any sort

Any sort of gift or tip to direct/sherpa/drivers/entire culinary expert/doorman/cleric/or any group part

Abundance Hotels cost in Kathmandu/Nepalganj/Simikot/Hilsa/Purang because of awful climate/flight retraction or some other explanation.

Visa sharing charges and transportation expenses, if leaving Tibet early.

Anything that is excluded from the consideration.

Retraction Policy

It is our most significant point that you make the most of your vacation and that we gain your trust. In any case, we are not answerable for any scratch-off because of any mechanical questions, Technical disappointment of a vehicle we use, loss of profit, late appearances or power majeure, or any things outside our ability to control. Whenever subsequent to booking, in the event that you wish to drop your excursion, you should tell Global Connect Hospitality recorded as a hard copy. When we gets your notification, undoing will produce results subject to the accompanying:

Wiping out happens in before 101 days preceding your takeoff date, your installment will be discounted (aside from measure of INR 10,000 for each individual) inside 15 working days from the day of abrogation demand. Dropping happens in the middle of 100 days to 30 days before your flight date, your installment will be discounted aside from the non-refundable store of INR 21,000/USD 150 inside 15 working days from the day of abrogation demand. Crossing out happens in the middle of multi day to 11 days preceding your takeoff date, your installment will be discounted aside from the abrogation charges of INR 50,000/USD 500 inside 15 working days from the day of undoing demand. Dropping happens in the middle of 10 days to 2 days preceding your takeoff date, your installment will be discounted aside from the crossing out charges of INR 75000/USD 1100 inside 15 working days from the day of retraction demand. Retraction happens in inside 2 days preceding your takeoff date, 100% of sum will be charged at crossing out charges subsequently no discount.

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