Kailash Mansarovar Tour by Helicopter 2023 Group Tour Cost:- 1,40,000 /- Per Person

May 30, 2023

Kailash Yatra by Helicopter from Kathmandu

Perhaps the hardest path of the world, the sacred trek to Mount Kailash can be lavish with the assistance of a 11 days' Tour of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by Helicopter. For those pioneers who were not ready to achieve this campaign because of the nearness of insufficient time would now be able to be a piece of the equivalent through a contracted helicopter's ride that is implied particularly for those genuinely powerless seniors who are not in a condition to take an interest right now foot. Right now, pioneers will venture out from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj by flight, at that point from Nepalgunj to Simikot by an alternate flight and afterward at last from Simikot to Hilsa by an intriguing Helicopter ride.

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Excursion Itinerary

10 evenings/11 days from Kathmandu to Kathmandu by helicopter + flight + street

01DAY Show up Kathmandu
Show up at Tribhuvan International air terminal in Kathmandu to launch your otherworldly experience. At the air terminal meet with Max Holidays organization delegate for helped move to the hotel. Registration at your hotel for night stay.
Suppers included : Veg Dhoteler at the hotel
Max. Rise : 1400 m
Hotels style : 3 star proportional hotel
Visa for NRI and Foreigners : For going into Nepal visa can be acquired on Arrival in Tribhuvan International Airport Kathmandu against the visa charge of approx US$35. So as to acquire Chinese visa, we have to present the first identification with application structure, shaded ongoing photo and visa charge (included) to the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu as it were. The Chinese Embassy takes 2-3 working days to issue such visa. In this manner non-indian explorers must arrangement their appearance in Kathmandu in like manner

02DAY Kathmandu Sightseeing and Fly Nepalgunj
Start your day with breakfast at your hotel and afterward Tour the eminent Pashupatinath Temple followed by a Tour to Jal Narayan Temple and Guheshwari Temple. Later our delegate will move the gathering to Kathmandu residential air terminal for loading onto your trip to Nepalgunj. Following one hour flight show up at Nepalgunj and load up a transport for taking you to your pre-booked hotels. Meet your kindred voyagers in the hotels who began their excursion from Lucknow to join this gathering. At night a short instructions meeting will be sorted out for the gathering where our Kailash Yatra guide and master will impart their encounters to you and will reply to your questions identified with Kailash Mansarovar travel. Supper and night stay will be at the hotel in Nepalgunj.
Suppers included : Veg Breakfast, Lunch and Dhoteler
Max. Rise : 152 m
Separation secured : 522 kms 01 hour by flight
Hotels style : 4* identical hotels twin/triple sharing premise

03DAY Fly Nepalgunj To Simikot
The trip between Nepalgunj to Simikot is a confused piece of this excursion as the activity of those little airplanes totally relies upon the climate conditions. The climate continues changing as often as possible on this route and it once in a while makes short or long deferral in flight activity and from Simikot. We will reach Nepalgunj air terminal promptly in the first part of the day as guided by the neighborhood manual for guarantee that we can load up the most punctual conceivable trip to Simikot. As this 45 minutes flight handles the little air terminal of Simikot you will see our agent sitting tight for you to take you to the guesthouse reserved for you. Our delegate will arrange with the aircraft for your registration baggage and will guarantee conveyance of your gear to your place of stay at Simikot. Rest of the time will be free at Simikot to adapt with the climate conditions.
Significant Remark : Based on our past involvement in climate issues, we have included a night stay at Simikot before arriving at Tibet. On the off chance that climate and circumstance allows, the neighborhood agent may sort out helicopter excursion to Hilsa or Taklakot today itself
Suppers included : Veg Breakfast, Lunch and Dhoteler
Max. Height : 2910m
Separation secured : 297 kms 45 minutes by flight
Convenience style : Guesthouse (or 4* equal hotels if at Taklakot) sharing premise

04DAY Fly Simikot To Hilsa By Helicopter. Drive To Taklakot
Take early breakfast (or pressed bites) and reach Simikot air terminal to board your Helicopter to Hilsa. At Hilsa we need to stroll through the swinging extension to cross the stream and arrive at the opposite side where we will be finishing conventions at Nepal migration. At that point we cross the fringe by walk and board our Chinese transport which takes us to China movement office arranged only brief drive away. A short 22 kms drive will take you to your hotels at Taklakot. Before coming to Taklakot we need to again experience customs check at Burang custom office. Following a tiring day you have come to Taklakot arranged at a tallness of 4025 meters. In the event that you endure feel shortness of breath or some other indications of high elevation affliction, kindly don't frenzy and contact our Tour direct for looking for his recommendations. Medical problems among the voyagers are very normal here. If you don't mind eat appropriately, drink great measure of water and squeezes, adhere to the directions of the guide and don't open yourself to solid breeze. Supper and stay will be at the hotel in Taklakot.

Significant Remark : Hilsa is a betrayed outskirt town of Nepal with outrageous unfriendly climatic conditions. It is necessary for the gathering Persons to cross Nepal-China outskirt together as all will go under a gathering license and visa. In case of postponement in intersection the fringe because of any explanation one must invest energy unwinding, doing yoga reflection or in other individual exercises. The postponement in intersection the outskirt, if happens, might cause medical problems as the dusty air, singing warmth or cold breezes here are hard to hold up under. Stay at Hilsa isn't arranged however in the event that happen for longer than a day, we may confront lack of eatables and other living offices. If you don't mind convey your water bottles, light eatables, dry organic products, vitality bars and so on with you and stay quiet. Help out the team Persons as they attempt their best to offer you most ideal solace in such aloof spot.
Suppers included : Veg Breakfast, Lunch, Dhoteler
Max Elevation : 4025m
Separation Covered : 25 mins by helicopter Nepal side + 22kms drive China side
Hotels style : 4* comparable hotel at Taklakot (or cabin stay if at Hilsa)

05DAY Rest At Taklakot
This day is planned to be free at Taklakot (Burang) to adapt. Do nothing adjacent to rest at Taklakot and stay at your hotel. For some short walk you may likewise go outside to Tour close by business sectors. On the off chance that somebody wish to purchase stick, gloves, top/cap, shoes, void water containers, natural products or other stuff like this for the Tour, Taklakot showcase has barely any shops accessible. The shops draw near when it gets dim, in this way in the event that you need to Tour the market, it would be ideal if you sort out your calendar in like manner.
Suppers included : Veg Breakfast, Lunch, Dhoteler
Max Elevation : 4025m
Separation secured : 0 kms
Convenience style : 4* identical hotel twin/triple sharing premise

06DAY Taklakot To Lake Manasarovar
We have significant day today as we are going to the holiest spot at Lake Manasarovar. After breakfast start drive in the transport to Lake Mansarovar. Approx one and a half hours pass through wonderful mountains and territories will carry you to Lake Rakshas Taal which is arranged simply close to Lake Mansarovar. Rakashs Taal is otherwise called the 'Pool of Demons' or 'Ravan Taal'. From here you will get the look at Mount Kailash standing tall and solid among the other close by mountains. We will stop here at Rakshas Taal to catch the magnificence of nature in our eyes and camera and afterward again head to Lake Mansarovar. A short drive carries us to Chui Gompa, our goal for the night close to Lake Mansarovar. Rest of the time allowed to investigate the lovely Mansarovar Lake, washing up, performing customs and supplications on the bank of the stream and other individual exercises. We will sort out for a shower tent for the women on the bank of the lake. You may locate a decent spot close to the lake for puja/havan and performing ceremonies according to your traditions. Dhotelers and stay will be at the guesthouse.

Significant Remark : Kindly take a note that here the main hotspot for water is the heavenly lake Manasarovar. This is one of the most noteworthy crisp water lakes on the planet and its water is viewed as useful for the filtration of body and soul. This regular water is utilized in cooking, washing, washing garments and so on and bubbled/high temp water of the lake is served for savoring the occasion when we have deficiency of Packaged water . On the off chance that you are not happy with this you should utilize water purifier tablets.

Mansarovar Lake in the night : Mansarovar Lake is only scarcely any moment leave your guesthouse. You may go to the lake in the night to investigate its excellence under the moon. There are numerous legends and stories related with the night perspective on the heavenly lake which the voyagers may understanding without anyone else. Despite the fact that it is sheltered to go out late in the night however it is fitting to stay in a gathering and take one of your aides/sherpas with you for help.
Suppers included : Veg Breakfast, Lunch, Dhoteler
Max Elevation : 4590 m
Separation secured : 70 kms to Chiu Gompa + 90 kms parikrama of Mansarovar by transport
Convenience style : Basic guesthouse with multi sharing room

07DAY first Day Kora/Parikrama Of Mt. Kailash, 12 Kms Trek To Dirapuk
Today morning, we will get up early spruce up and take drive to Darchen which is only 35 kms from Chiu Gompa. Darchen is the major regulatory center of Kailash area with fundamental improvement in foundation and office and furthermore considered as the base camp of Mt. Kailash from where the circumambulation (parikrama) around Mt. Kailash starts. Remember to fill your jug with boiling water and convey your snacks Package made accessible by our team in the first part of the day. All pioneers have chance to go through Yama Dwar before the trek begins. Subsequent to Touring Yam Dwar keep trekking by walking or contract a pony/horse to ride. (the Persons who wish to enlist horse/horse and doorman may do it straightforwardly with the assistance of the Tibetan guide on direct installment premise. They will be given name coupon to pick the pony and doorman and a similar pony or watchman will go with you all through the trek). Subsequent to finishing the 12 kms steady trek, going through excellent streams and field you will locate a colossal lofty dark shading mountain standing high, on the correct side of your trek. This is the North Face of Mount Kailash. Try not to miss to take a few photos and selfie and catch this incredible sight in your eyes and camera. On venturing Dirapuk look into the guesthouse where stay and supper is sorted out during the current night. The night will be freezing and oxygen level will be low, accordingly it is prudent that you accept rest however much as could be expected to keep up great wellbeing for following day trek.
Note : Those who wish to change their calendar and would prefer not to go for trekking will stay at Darchen and pay straightforwardly for their convenience, nourishment and other extra expences. Be that as it may if wellbeing licenses they should Tour Yam Dwar and have close darshan of Mt. Kailash.
Discretionary Tour : Charan Sparsh (5475 m is 3 kms trek from Dirapuk. One can talk with Tour manual for take this short trek to contact feet of Mt. Kailash. This isn't a piece of the Package and relies upon guide's choice. (Separation 3 kms/01 hour/extreme trek)
Suppers included : Veg Breakfast, Packed Lunch/snacks, Light Dhoteler
Max Elevation : 5210m
Separation secured : 35 kms drive + 12 kms trekking
Convenience style : Lodge with multi sharing room

08DAY second Day Parikrama, 22 Kms Trek To Zuthulpukh Via Gauri Kund
Get up early morning before day break and if the climate is clear don't miss to observe the brilliance of 'Brilliant Kailash' as the main daylight kisses the highest point of the mount. After this extraordinary experience presently time to push forward and start our trek to Zuthulpuk. The 22 kms in Tour trek is the longest and hardest day of the whole Yatra as you should go through the most elevated point (5630m) at Dolma La pass. In transit before Dolma La you will see site demonstrating impressions of Milarepa and Shiva Tsal (where explorers abandon their effects, give a drop of blood or a lock of hair to speak to the demonstration of deserting this life and wanting for the finish of a hopeless life. In Tibetan Buddhist religion it is said that you will get it (whatever you offered here at Shia Tsal) in paradise after your demise. Keep on ascending towards Dolma-La pass (5630m) and afterward soak down to arrive at Gauri Kund. We should cross the high go as ahead of Itinerary as conceivable before solid breeze begins.
Subsequent to intersection Dolma-La, you will see Gauri Kund (likewise alluded once in a while as Parvati Kund) at downhill in the correct side of your way. At that point further strolling down for some time, we will enjoy reprieve for pack lunch close to a tea slow down. The declining trail from the highest point of Dolma La isn't simple because of rough and free stones all around so we should walk cautiously and stay with the gathering for any assistance we may require. At that point after, you will get soon level path that Tour to Zuthulphuk Gompa (4790m). In Zuthulphuk, we will stay at the hotel or fixed tent with bed, bed sheet and warm cover. We will take brisk supper at and go to comfortable bed to unwind.
Suppers included : Veg Breakfast, Packed Lunch/snacks, Light Dhoteler
Max Elevation : 5630 m
Sepration secured : 22 kms trekking
Hotels style : Basic guesthouse with multi sharing room
Significant Remarks : Those who don't wish to proceed with trek further to Zuthulpuk from Dirapuk will trek back to Darchen. At Darchen their additional cost for Hotels, nourishment and so on is to be taken consideration without anyone else. Our guide may help them in sorting out their stay at Darchen in hotels, subject to accessibility. are not doing parikrama will at present hold up at Darchen and unwind or reflect.
Significant Note : About 3-4 kms trek (climb and drop) close Dolma La pass is steep and rough and it is the hardest piece of this Tour. Likewise it isn't fitting to go down to contact Gauri Kund as it might be dangerous. While beghoteling the trek to Zuthulpuk, remember to top off your flagon with heated water prepared by our kitchen group toward the beghoteling of the day.

09DAY third Day Trek 06 Kms To Darchen, Drive To Taklakot
Breakfast will be served close to the guesthouse/camp and one can appreciate the morning time in investigating the caverns, Touring the sanctuaries and sanctuary worked around. Here you will see a wedded old couple overseeing the sanctuary. The sanctuary is a home for over about six Tibetan aficionados, assistants or family members who keep themselves occupied with the support of the structures. The cavern additionally contains reflection stages. Moving up to these caverns before completion the last trek of the heavenly Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is worth. We will trek for around 06 kms from Zuthulpuk and reach Chongdo where our vehicles are sitting tight for get. Further 06 kms drive will take us to Darchen hotels where other gathering Persons (who didn't endeavored the trek or returned from Dirapuk) are pausing. Proceed with drive to Taklakot for night stay.
Suppers included : Veg Breakfast, Lunch, Dhoteler
Max Elevation : 4575m
Separation secured : 110 kms 02 hours' drive
Hotels style : 4* comparable hotel at Taklakot

10DAY Taklakot To Nepalgunj Via Simikot, Connect With Kathmandu Flight
After early breakfast 45 kms drive towards China-Nepal outskirt. Cross the outskirt by walk and subsequent to finishing migration customs reach Hilsa, Nepal side. Take 25 minutes helicopter trip to Simikot and afterward interface with trip to Nepalgunj. On coming to Nepalgunj get a corresponding flight to Kathmandu
Discretionary Trip : The air parts Hilsa-Simikot-Nepalgunj is confused and thoroughly climate allowed. Postponement or rescheduling or break in flights on this division is a notable issue of this route. On the off chance that, because of climatic conditions, deficiency or rescheduling of flights or some other explanation, you stall out at Hilsa please note that we have boondocks convenience here, normal water, constrained nourishment and restricted living offices. Medical problem, particularly with mature age Persons are very conceivable, in this manner it is fitting to stay with the gathering so help may contact you in case of need.
Extra night stay at Hilsa/Simikot/Nepalgunj on return are not paid or remembered for the above Tour Package and if need happen, extra stay and nourishment will be payable straightforwardly by the voyagers to Nepalese pioneer. There is no discount or change workable for any unutilized stay, nourishment or some other help. We give medical aid offices however all other extra clinical costs in case of hospitalization as well as crisis clearing charges are to be paid by the pioneer/explorer as it were.
Suppers included : Veg Breakfast, Lunch, Dhoteler
Max Elevation : 3640m (Hilsa), 2910 m (Simikot), 152 m (Nepalgunj), 1400 m (Kathmandu)
Separation secured : 1.30 hour drive + 25min helicopter + 45min flights + 1 hr flight
Convenience style : Basic guesthouse

11DAY Withdraw From Kathmandu
Intime you will be moved to Kathmandu Tribhuvan International air terminal to get onto your trip back to your hotels/next goal.
Suppers included : Veg Breakfast
What is Included or Not Included
Appearance/takeoff moves from air terminal to hotel in Kathmandu and Nepalgunj.
02 Nights stay in Shangri La or Marriott hotel (or comparative) in Kathmandu with all veg suppers
01 night in great hotels at Nepalgunj with all veg. dhotelers
Kathmandu Tour covering Pashupatinath Temple and Boudhnath Temple
Kathmandu/Nepalgunj/Simikot both way air toll by customary flights.
Simikot-Hilsa-Simikot the two different ways trip by Chartred helicopter
Convenience in hotel at Taklakot and Touror house close Mansarovar Lake with all veg. suppers
Hotels in hold up during parikraama with all dhotelers as indicated previously
Van/Bus and baggage truck from Tibet fringe to Darchen and back
Nepali Team pioneer and supporting group according to Chinese standards and guidelines
Travel Insurance for Indians
English speaking Tibetan and Nepali aides
Chinese visa to Tour Kailash
Kailash Yatra Tibet Permit charge
Humla Restriction charge
01 free Duffel Bag and 01 Free Backpack sack
Free Wind Cheater coat
Yak for Kailash parikrama for conveying kitchen types of gear
Medical aid pack
Oxygen chamber at Tibet side
Air pass to Kathmandu and back
Additional expense for extra stay
Nourishment and transport in the any postponement because of climate conditions or unanticipated reasons, departure costs in the event of crisis
Riding yak/horse, doormen for parikrama
Any costs of individual nature, dire visa charge
GST 5%, and so forth.

Note : Our Package cost does exclude whatever other thing which isn't recorded in the above rundown of considerations. We don't bear any obligation for some other cost happened during the Tour and a similar will be payable by the voyagers all alone.

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