Kailash Yatra by Helicopter from Lucknow 2023 Group Tour Cost :- 1,40,000/- Per Person.

May 30, 2023

Kailash Yatra by Helicopter from Lucknow

A vigorous supporter of Lord Shiva with a profound want to have impressions and pay tribute at Mount Kailash and Kailash Manasarovar, yet, unaccomplished because of absence of time can be finished at this point. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by helicopter makes your long pending want of Touring Kailash Mansarovar straightforward and simple and you can finish it in a lot quicker and in simpler way. Ideally for older folks just as Persons who are genuinely feeble to proceed onward troublesome landscape of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra route can cover this excursion effectively on Helicopter. The helicopter yatra covers separation till Nepalgunj ashore then to Hilsa by Helicopter and afterward by a drive to Mansarovar getting perspectives on characteristic scenes till excursion of Kailash Mansarovar.

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Tour Itinerary

08 Nights/09 Days from Lucknow to Lucknow by Road + Helicopter + Flight

01DAYLucknow To Nepalgunj

Meet with our delegate at Lucknow (123m) at an assigned purpose of social event of Kailash yatris. On coming to, process in your gear in the transport and be situated in the transport for a 4-5 hours drive to Nepalgunj (152m). Light bites and water will be served in the Bus. Stop enroute for tea/espresso and afterward proceed with further to Nepalgunj. Upon appearance, look into the hotels. At night, our staff will compose a yatra instructions meeting for all the gathering Persons. Supper and stay at Nepalgunj.

Suppers included : Packed bites and Dhoteler at hotel,

Max. Height : 152 m,

Separation secured : 190 kms,

Convenience Style : 4* hotels on sharing premise

02DAYFly Nepalgunj To Simikot

The trip between Nepalgunj to Simikot is extremely confounded piece of this Tour as the activity of those little airplanes totally relies upon the climate conditions. The climate continues changing regularly on this route and it makes short or long deferral in flight and from Simikot. We will reach Nepalgunj air terminal promptly toward the beghoteling of the day as guided by the manual for guarantee that we can load up the soonest conceivable trip to Simikot. On arriving at Simikot our agent will meet you at the air terminal and will deal with your handled in baggage. Rest of the time will be free at Simikot to change with the climate conditions. Stay in a guesthouse in quarters style. On the off chance that climate licenses, we may take further helicopter Tour to Hilsa today itself.

Significant Remark: Based on our past involvement in climate issues, we have included a night stay at Simikot preceding arriving at Tibet. In the event that climate and circumstance allows, the neighborhood delegate may sort out helicopter excursion to Hilsa or Taklakot today itself.

Suppers included : Veg Breakfast, Lunch and Dhoteler,

Max. Height : 2910 m,

Separation secured : 297 kms by flight/45 minutes,

Convenience Style : Guesthouse on sharing premise

03DAYFly Simikot To Hilsa By Helicopter. Drive To Taklakot

Contingent upon the takeoff time of our helicopters to Hilsa, the gathering will be brought to Simikot air terminal. From Simikot a 25 minutes trip in helicopter will take the gathering Persons to Hilsa in a lot of 05 explorers one after another greatest. From Hilsa stroll through the swinging scaffold to cross the waterway and arrive at migration counter at Nepal side. After this cross Nepal-China fringe by walk and in China side you will have transport hanging tight for you. The transport will take you to China migration building which is only brief drive away from the outskirt. Subsequent to finishing the movement check conventions take a short 22 kms drive to Taklakot. Before arriving at your hotel we need to stop again at China customs working for checking. Continue to your hotels and take rest in your room. Supper and night stay will be at the hotel in Taklakot.

Significant Remark: Hilsa is a left bordertown of Nepal with extraordinary unfriendly climatic conditions. It is mandatory for the gathering Persons to cross Nepal-China outskirt together as all will go under a gathering grant and visa. In case of postponement in intersection the outskirt because of any explanation one must invest energy unwinding, doing yoga reflection or in other individual exercises. The deferral in intersection the fringe, if occurs, might cause wellbeing related issues as the dusty air, burning warmth or cold breezes here are difficult to endure. Stay at Hilsa isn't arranged yet on the off chance that circumstance happen we may likewise confront deficiency of eatables and other living offices. If it's not too much trouble convey your water bottles, light eatables with you and keep tolerance. Help out the team Persons as they attempt their best to offer you most ideal solace

Suppers included : Veg Breakfast, Lunch, Dhoteler,

Max Elevation : 4025 m,

Separation Covered : 25 mins by helicopter Nepal side + 22 kms drive China side,

Convenience style : 4* proportional hotel at Taklakot (or cabin stay if at Hilsa)

04DAYTaklakot – Day Free To Acclimatize

This day will be free at Taklakot to adjust. Do nothing close to rest at Taklakot and stay at your hotels. You may likewise appreciate strolling in the close by business sectors in Taklakot. There are number of neighborhood shops, cafés and stores at Taklakot and you may purchase little things identified with your movement, for example, gloves, stick, void water bottle, trekking shoes and so forth.

Suppers included : Veg Breakfast, Lunch, Dhoteler,

Max Elevation : 4025 m,

Separation secured : 0 kms,

Hotels style : 4* equal hotel at Taklakot (or cabin stay if at Hilsa)

05DAYTaklakot To Lake Manasarovar

This is the day we as a whole are sitting tight for as today we leave from Taklakot to reach Mansarovar Lake. Today we won't just have the chance to stay close to the lake however we will likewise get the main look at sacred Mount Kailash moreover. Start your drive from Taklakot after breakfast. In transit we will make a stop close to Lake Rakshas Taal (Lake of Demons) which is otherwise called Ravana's Taal. From here you will get a lovely sight of Mount Kailash standing tall among numerous different photelacles secured with day off. At Rakshas Taal invest some noteworthy energy and appreciate photography with your loved ones. Continue to Chiu Gompa to look into your Touror house close to Lake Mansarovar. Later Tour the lake to scrub down and do puja hawan according to your own traditions. Later join the gathering for parikrama of the blessed lake by transport. This 90 kms parikrama of Lake Mansarovar takes around three hours and if conceivable the driver will make a stop the transport in the middle of the kora from where you will get perspective on the lake and mount Kailash from an alternate point. Return to your guesthouse after parikrama and take rest.

Night perspective on Lake Mansarovar : it is completely sheltered to go to Lake Mansarovar in the night under the begins to observe its magnificence. It is prudent anyway to go in a little gathering and if conceivable take your Sherpa direct with you for any necessary assistance. Likewise make sure to wear comfortable garments, convey your light and stick.

Significant Remark : Kindly take a note that heavenly dunk in the lake is no more allowed and has been arranged as an offense by the Chinese govt. At lake you should request that our sherpas get the water from the lake a pail with the goal that you may wash up on the shore of the lake and perform puja.

Suppers included : Veg Breakfast, Lunch, Dhoteler,

Max Elevation : 4590 m,

Separation secured : 70 kms to Chiu Gompa + 90 kms parikrama of Mansarovar by transport,

Hotels style : Guesthouse on sharing premise

06DAY1st Day Kora/Parikrama Of Mt. Kailash, 12 Kms Trek To Dirapuk

In the first part of the day early in the event that somebody needs to go to Lake Mansarovar for sacred shower and puja, kindly do so rapidly and with earlier conversation with your guide. Today we are going to begin our trekking of Mount Kailash from Darchen and we have a difficult day ahead. After breakfast take a 35 kms drive to reach Darchen which is a genuinely huge Hotels close to the base of Mount Kailash with parcel numerous hotelss, Touror houses, shops, markets and so on. From Darchen the parikrama of Mount Kailash begins as we proceed with 06 kms drive by transport to Tarboche flagpole. At Tarboche you can discover horse/horse and watchman to employ for trekking yet some of the time because of surge of pioneers you may confront lack or non-accessibility of pony/horse and watchmen.

Note : Don't neglect to fill hot savoring water your carafe and convey your snacks Package.

From here you can have excellent sight of the South Face of Mount Kailash and furthermore observe Yam Dwar only not many moment leave. Yam Dwar (Gate to Moksha) is viewed as the beghoteling purpose of the trek from here Dirapuk, which is a definitive goal for now, is 12 kms away. It takes 4-6 hours to explorers to cover this separation by walk. The trek today is level nearly with some slight good and bad times. Absence of oxygen in air makes you anxious and the trek turns out to be minimal troublesome. Walk moderate, drink water or squeeze and continue moving towards your goal. We will make a stop in the middle of at a tea slow down where you can get some more water and squeezes and so forth in the event that you need.

In the wake of finishing our trek, we will reach to an enormous valley spotted with some little structures and chortens. On the correct side of our trek we will see a tremendous dark shading precious stone formed mountain standing tall commanding different mountains around. This is the North substance of heavenly Mount Kailash. Take pictures, do some contemplation, have your nourishment and rapidly go to your bed as the night will be freezing here.

Suppers included : Veg Breakfast, Packed Lunch/snacks, Light Dhoteler,

Max Elevation : 5210 m,

Separation secured : 35 kms drive + 12 kms trekking,

Convenience style : Guesthouse sharing premise

Note : Those who wish to change their calendar and would prefer not to go for trekking will stay at Darchen and pay straightforwardly for their Hotels, nourishment and other extra costs. In any case, if wellbeing grants they should Tour Yam Dwar and have close darshan of Mt. Kailash.

Tour Charan Sparsh from Dirapuk : Charan Sparsh (5475 m is 3 kms trek from Dirapuk. One can talk with Tour manual for take this short trek to contact feet of Mt. Kailash. This isn't a piece of the Package and relies upon guide's choice. (Separation 3 kms/01 hour/intense trek)
07DAY2nd Day Parikrama, 22 Kms Trek To Zuthulpukh Via Gauri Kund

Find a workable pace and come outside your guesthouse in the event that you would prefer not to miss the mysterious minute when Mount Kailash changes its shading in the first part of the day and you get the darshan of 'Brilliant Kailash'. Be mindful and centered and if fortunate you will observer numerous other otherworldly exercises close to the mount.

After this noteworthy time, proceed with your 22 kms in Tour provoking trek to Zuthulpuk. Around one hour after the trek from Dirapuk begins you will reach Dolma La pass which is the most elevated and hardest piece of the trek. Close Dolma La you will likewise observe 'Shiva Tsal' (additionally spelled as Shiva Sthal now and again). Traveler leave their garments, decorations, a drop of blood or a lock of hair to speak to the demonstration of abandoning this life and wanting for the finish of a hopeless life. In the wake of finishing the trek soak up to Dolma La and afterward soak down you will locate Gauri Kund (likewise alluded as Parvati Kund) on the correct side of your trek. Have blessed darshan and proceed with your trek to Zuthulpuk for night stay. The trek after Dolma is generally level yet you should not debilitate yourself and consider to walk gradually and stay in the gathering.

Suppers included: Veg Breakfast, Packed Lunch/snacks, Light Dhoteler,

Max Elevation : 5630 m,

Separation secured : 22 kms trekking

Significant Note : Hot drinkable water and pressed snacks for lunch will be made accessible in the first part of the day by our team. If you don't mind make sure to convey it.

Significant Note : Those who choose to change their calendar here at Dirapuk and need to return to Darchen must compensation straightforwardly for every one of extra costs including hotels at Darchen, nourishment, transport and so on.

08DAY3rd Day Trek To Darchen, Drive To Taklakot

Breakfast will be served close to the guesthouse/camp and one can appreciate the morning time in investigating the caverns, Touring the sanctuaries and sanctum worked around. Here you will see a wedded old couple administering the sanctuary. The sanctuary is a living arrangement for over about six Tibetan lovers, partners or family members who keep themselves occupied with the support of the structures. The cavern additionally contains contemplation stages. Scaling to these caverns before completion the last trek of the blessed Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is worth. After a 06 kms/2-3 hours walk we reach to the last goal of our Mansarovar Yatra trek close Chongdo where our vehicles are holding on to pick us. A 6 kms drive will carry us to Darchen where other gathering Persons are holding back to invite us. After some refreshment proceed with drive back to Taklakot. Stay in the hotels.

Suppers included: Veg Breakfast, Lunch, Dhoteler,

Max Elevation : 4575 m,

Separation secured : 105 kms , 02 hours drive

09DAYTaklakot To Nepalgunj Via Simikot And Drive To Lucknow

After early breakfast 45 kms drive towards China-Nepal outskirt. After migration conventions cross the fringe by walk and reach Hilsa, Nepal side. Take 25 minutes helicopter trip to Simikot and afterward corresponding flight to Nepalgunj. On coming to Nepalgunj drive to Lucknow for your ahead association

Significant Note: As educated the air divisions Hilsa-Simikot-Nepalgunj is convoluted and thoroughly climate allowed. Deferral or rescheduling or break in flights on this part is a typical issue of this excursion. On the off chance that, because of climatic conditions, lack or rescheduling of flights, or some other explanation you stall out at Hilsa please note that Hilsa has fundamental Hotels and constrained offices for guests Health issue, particularly with mature age Persons are very conceivable, along these lines it is fitting to stay with the gathering so help may contact you in case of need. Extra night stay at Hilsa/Simikot/Nepalgunj on return are excluded from the Package and if need happen, extra stay and nourishment which is payable straightforwardly by the explorers to Nepalese group. There is no discount or change pertinent for any unutilized stay, nourishment or some other help. We give emergency treatment offices yet all other extra clinical costs in case of hospitalization as well as crisis clearing charges are to be paid by the explorer/voyager as it were. On coming back from the Tour no hotels convenience at Nepalgunj is remembered for this Package and will be charged, whenever requested by you.

Dhotelers included: Veg Breakfast

Max Elevation : 3640 m (Hilsa), 2910 m (Simikot), 152 m (Nepalgunj),

Separation secured : 1.30 hours drive + 25min helicopter + 45min flight + 190m drive

Kailash Yatra by Helicopter from Lucknow Cost

Nationality          Trip Cost              Other Charges

INDIAN INR 150000/ - Per Person.

Kailash Yatra Dates 2023 for Overland Trip ex Kathmandu

MAY' 2023

Bunch NO.          START DATE        END DATE            REMARKS            COST

202383  02.05.2023           10.05.2023           Full Moon at Dirapukh   185,000 BOOKING

202384  03.05.2023           11.05.2023           Full Moon at Mansarovar             185,000 BOOKING

202385  07.05.2023           15.05.2023                          185,000 BOOKING

202386  16.05.2023           24.05.2023           Masik Shivratri at Mansarovar    185,000 BOOKING

202387  19.05.2023           27.05.2023                          195,000 BOOKING

202388  22.05.2023           30.05.2023                          185,000 BOOKING

202389  31.05.2023           08.06.2023           Full Moon at Dirapuk      185,000 BOOKING

JUNE' 2023

Bunch NO.          START DATE        END DATE            REMARKS            YATRA COST

202390  01.06.2023           09.06.2023           Full Moon at Mansarovar             185,000 BOOKING

202391  05.06.2023           13.06.2023                          185,000 BOOKING

202392  09.06.2023           17.06.2023                          195,000 BOOKING

202393  12.06.2023           20.06.2023                          185,000 BOOKING

202394  15.06.2023           23.06.2023           Masik Shivratri at Mansarovar    180,000 BOOKING

202395  30.06.2023           08.07.2023           Full Moon at Dirapukh   185,000 BOOKING

JULY' 2023

Bunch NO.          START DATE        END DATE            REMARKS            YATRA COST

202396  01.07.2023           09.07.2023           Full Moon at Mansarovar             185,000 BOOKING

202397  09.07.2023           13.07.2023                          195,000 BOOKING

202398  15.07.2023           23.07.2023           Masik Shivratri at Mansarovar    180,000 BOOKING

202399  29.07.2023           06.08.2023           Full Moon at Dirapukh   185,000 BOOKING

202300  30.07.2023           07.08.2023           Full Moon at Mansarovar             185,000 BOOKING

AUGUST' 2023

Bunch NO.          START DATE        END DATE            REMARKS            YATRA COST

202301  03.08.2023           11.08.2023                          185,000 BOOKING

202302  13.08.2023           21.08.2023           Masik Shivratri at Mansarovar    185,000 BOOKING

202303  22.08.2023           30.08.2023                          195,000 BOOKING

202304  28.08.2023           05.09.2023           Full Moon at Dirapukh   185,000 BOOKING

202305  29.08.2023           06.09.2023           Full Moon at Mansarovar             185,000 BOOKING


Bunch NO.          START DATE        END DATE            REMARKS            YATRA COST

202306  02.09.2023           10.09.2023                          185,000 BOOKING

202307  05.09.2023           13.09.2023                          195,000 BOOKING

202308  11.09.2023           19.09.2023           Masik Shivratri at Mansarovar    185,000 BOOKING

202309  28.09.2023           06.10.2023           Full Moon at Mansarovar             185,000 BOOKING

What is Included or Not Included?


Lucknow to Nepalgunj and back exchange via cooled transport

Given Meal Box Water Bottle while in transit to Nepalgunj

01 night stay in a 3 star proportionate hotels in Nepalgunj on sharing premise

01 lunch, 01 supper and 01 breakfast in Nepalgunj

Nepalgunj to Simikot return air tickets in planned flights

01 night stay at Simikot or Hilsa in a guesthouse/best accessible hotels with all suppers.

01 Breakfast, 01 Lunch, 01 Dhoteler at Simikot/Hilsa

Simikot to Hilsa return helicopter flights on bunch sharing premise

02 + 01 evenings stay in a hotels/guesthouse at Taklakot with all dhotelers

01 night stay in guesthouse close to Lake Manasarovar on offering premise to all dhotelers

01 night stay at Dirapukh during the main day of parikrama with all dhotelers (Light nourishment and tidbits)

01 night stay at Zuthulpukh during the second day of parikrama with all suppers (Light nourishment and tidbits)

Transportation in Tibet side Luxury transport

Essential medical aid unit with Tour manage

Travel Insurance for Indians

Oxygen chambers and Oxygen pad in Tibet side for crisis necessity

English speaking Tibetan Tour direct in Tibet side

English/Hindi speaking Nepalese Tour pioneer

Nepalese culinary expert with aide and a Sherpa team

Bolster van/truck to convey kitchen supplies and other material

Vital gathering grant for Touring Mt. Kailash

Ordinary Tibet single passage bunch visa charge to Tour Kailash Manasarovar.

Humla limited region grant expense

Yak for conveying kitchen and trekking types of gear

01 duffle back, 01 rucksack sack and 01 breeze con artist on complimentary premise

Nepal-China fringe charge

All Nepalese and Tibetan Govt charges

All out Hotels is for 08 evenings in hotelss or guesthouses or hotel including 08 breakfast, 08 snacks and 08 suppers.

Nourishment will be extremely fundamental and unadulterated vegan

There is no discount for any unutilized administrations

First supper is supper, last feast will be breakfast on the excursion


Air passes to Lucknow and back,

Additional expense for extra stay, nourishment and transport in the any deferral because of climate conditions or unexpected reasons, clearing costs if there should be an occurrence of crisis,

Riding yak/horse, watchmen for parikraama,

Any costs of individual nature, dire visa expense,

GST 5%, and so on.

Note : Our Package cost does exclude whatever other thing which isn't recorded in the above rundown of Inclusions. We don't bear any risk for some other cost happened during the excursion and a similar will be payable by the voyagers all alone.

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