Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by Helicopter Delhi 2023 Group Tour Cost:- 1,40,000/- Per Person.

May 30, 2023

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by Overland

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra happens once in a blue moon. In Hinduism, the possibility of otherworldliness drives the explorers to perform strict acts. Along these lines, Kailash Mansarovar Yatra has gotten a yearly custom for the pioneers to look for the endowments of Lord Shiva.

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Tour Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival at Kathmandu

Dhoteler: L/D

Height: 1400m

Time taken: 20-25 minutes (around the city)

Method of transport: Bus mentor

In the wake of arriving at Tribhuvan Internation Airport in Kathmandu, our driver will meet you at the passageway door. You will be invited by offering invite drinks in the hotel. Subsequent to looking into the hotel, our agent will brief you altogether the Tour Itinerary of your profound excursion. At night, you can go to Pashupatinath sanctuary for night darshan.

Have you envisioned going through your night tuning in to the charming rings of supplication chimes? Your night Tour to Pashupatinath sanctuary will permit you to appreciate the luring perspective on the sanctuary while offering supplications. Pashupatinath is the national divinity of Nepal.

Around evening time you will stay at Kathmandu.

Day 02:Kathmandu touring

Supper: B/L/D

Elevation: 1400m

Separation: Kathamandu Sightseeing: 26km (2hours)

Method of Transport: Bus mentor

The next morning you will be moving the Kathmandu valley and relish the excellence of design situated around the city. It is one of the old urban areas of the world so the remnants of this old city will entice you unquestionably to rediscover the excellence. After breakfast, you will begin your day with the Tour to Pashupatinath sanctuary. On the last night you would have seen the sanctuary at night, today you will watch the dumbfounding design engraved on the sanctuary. This social legacy site stays on the banks of River Bagmati throughout the hundreds of years. As per Shaivites, it is one of the sacred dwelling places Lord Shiva.

Day 03:Drive to Dhunche or Shyabru Besi

Supper: B/L/D

Height: Kathmandu – 1400m

Syabrubesi – 2380m

Separation: 152km (7hours)

Method of Transport: transport mentor

Today you will be heading to Dhunche or Shyabru Besi, the towns situated close to the Rasuwagadhi outskirt. On the way, you will be seeing the wonderful sights of nature. While heading out to precipitous streets, common excellence is at its best. Nature unwinds its awesome quality on you. While bridging the mountains, height has been a steady object of concern. Right now the uneven territories, you will appreciate nature intently.

Day 04:Drive to Kerung

Supper: B/L/D

Height: Rating: 2600m, Kerung: 2700m

Separation: Syabrubesi to Reach: 15kms (1hour)

Buy in to Kerung: 26kms (2hours)

Method of Transport: transport mentor

Till the previous evening you will be in your customary range of familiarity. From today onwards you will be beghoteling your excursion towards Mt. Kailash. You will be driving towards Rasuwagadhi outskirt. From here you will get Tibetan aides alongside Tibetan vehicle to enter the Tibetan Autonomous Region. It will be very energizing for the pioneers to appreciate the criticalness of a dead zone. Right now, one can feel the world with no land limits. You will stay medium-term at Kerung.

Day 05:Kerung to New Dongba by means of Saga

Supper: B/L/D

Elevation: 4500m

Separation: 250kms (9hours)

Method of Transport: transport mentor

Today you will be heading to New Donga. Over the rugged areas and green lavish of fields, you will get an unbelievable sight of strong Brahmaputra. You will be driving by means of Saga. In the Tibetan language, it is known as cheerful land. As it is an outskirt territory, at that point you will discover Chinese battalion watching over the fringe regions of Nepal and Tibet. While in transit to Mt. Kailash, solo explorers and hikers stay in these nearby hotels. You will stay medium-term at New Dongba.

Day 06:New Dongba to Lake Mansarovar

Supper: B/L/D

Height: 4500m

Separation: 385kms (10-12hours)

Method of Transport: transport mentor

Today you will be seeing Lake Mansarovar just because. It is the most noteworthy freshwater lake on the planet. While venturing out to Mt. Kailash one needs to scrub the contaminations of the spirit. Kailash yatra requires a total devotion of the psyche and soul. Negativities and skeptical thoughts stay away from the spirits of explorers during this yatra.

Day 07:Lake Mansarovar to Darchen

Dhoteler: B/L/D

Height: 4560m

Distance:30kms (3hours)

Method of Transport: transport mentor

Today you will be washing up in Lake Mansarovar for once again before advancing towards Mt. Kailash. In the wake of cleaning up, you will be heading to Darchen. On your approach to Darchen, you can get the all encompassing sight of Rakshas Taal. Prior the pioneers accepted the Demon's Lake as a negative wellspring of vitality. Because of legendary conviction, it was the lake from where Ravana assimilated awful aims in his psyche. Darchen is the base camp for Mt. Kailash venture. You will stay the night in Darchen.

Day 08: Drive to Yam Dwar. Start Parikrama to Dhiraphuk

Supper: B/L/D

Height: Yamdwar: 4575m, Dhiraphuk: 4775m

Separation: Darchen to Yamdwar-transport mentor

Yamdwar to Dhiraphuk - trek

Method of Transport: first drive at that point trek

From today onwards you will be taking part in parikrama across Mt. Kailash. Nobody is permitted to move high of Mt. Kailash because of its legendary and strict essentialness. You will be driving towards Yamdwar. From Darchen it is 10 km away taking an hour to reach. From Yamdwar, you will trek towards Dhiraphuk. The parikrama across Mt. Kailash covers 38km. you will trek towards Dhiraphuk by walking.

In the event that you are truly not fit, at that point you should take a horse. We convey our kitchen assets and outdoors coordinations on yak or horse for the explorers of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Subsequent to coming to there, you will find a workable pace wonderful and colossal sights of Mt. Kailash. Because of outrageous climate conditions, you should take your nourishment early.

Day 09: Trek from Dhiraphuk to Zuthulphuk by means of Dolma La Pass

Feast: B/L/D

Elevation: Zuthulphuk-4700m

Separation: 22kms (10hours)

Method of Transport: trek

Today your trek will be beghoteling after breakfast. From Dhiraphuk you will trek towards Zuthulphuk. In transit, you will be passing Gauri Kund. As indicated by legendary old stories and strict sacred writings, this lake is very renowned among the pioneers. It is this very lake where goddess Parvati washed up and offered life to Lord Ganesh out of earth and foam of her own body. So while in transit to Kailash Parikrama, the pioneers are obliged to get seeing such favorable lake. You will trek high till Dolma La Pass. This is the ideal stature of the whole Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Before dhotelertime you will trek down to reach Zuthulphuk. Around evening time you will stay in a quarters style guesthouse.

Day 10:Trek to Darchen and head to Dongba

Supper: B/L/D

Separation: Zuthulphuk to Darchen-5kms (4-5hours)

Darchen to Dongpa: 53kms (2hours)

Method of Transport: trek and afterward drive

Today is the latest day of your parikrama. Subsequent to finishing the last stretch of your excursion, you will be finishing the most sacrosanct Tour of your life. Not many can make sure about such purified minute throughout everyday life and feel claim self so near the god. By finishing this excursion, you will feel profoundly near Lord Shiva. Today you will trek around 10kms till Darchen. You will require around 5hours to reach there. Our vehicles will be looking out for the opposite side of the path. You will be finishing your lunch close Darchen. From that point you will be driving back to New Dongba finishing the stayder of parikrama of Lake Mansarovar. Today you will stay in a guesthouse.

Day 11:Drive Dongba to Kerung

Dhoteler: B/L/D

Separation: 110kms (3-4 hours)

Method of Transport: transport mentor

Today you will be driving back to Kerung. You will be driving on the all around developed street. The magnificence of uneven territories will make you sensational persistently. You will stay in Kerung for medium-term.

Day 12: Kerung to Kathmandu through Rasuwagadhi

Dhoteler: B/L/D

Separation: 175kms (8hours)

Method of Transport: transport mentor

You arrive at the last stretch of your excursion. Here you will be heading to Kathmandu through Rasuwagadhi fringe. In the fringe territories again you should finish your movement customs for additional advancement. Today you will arrive at the capital city with 7/8 hours.

Day 13:Departure

Supper: B

Separation: around the city (scarcely 30 minutes' drive)

Method of Transport: transport mentor

We know the significance of a profound excursion for a being. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra happens once a lifetime. Our fundamental aim is to give all of you those assets required in such high elevation. Today you will be taking a homebound departure from Kathmandu satisfying your internal wishes of following the way of otherworldliness.

Price Includes

Appearance and flight transportation

Touring voyage through Pashupatinath and Budhanilkantha.

3 star hotels at Kathmandu on twin imparting premise to all dhotelers

Move to Kerung by traveler transport.

Tibet side: Accommodation in better than average hotels/Guest House

Unadulterated veggie lover dhotelers get ready by our escort.

A/C mentor and bolster trucks

A/C mentor and bolster trucks

English speaking Tibetan guide

Nepali Tour pioneer

Corresponding Duffle pack, Back sack, visa pocket, top and coat on returnable premise

Kailash license and ordinary Tibet/China visa charge.

Price Excludes

Airfare/Train passage from Home - Kathmandu – Home

All refreshments, Photography charges and Telephone calls.

Travel Insurance of customers

Crisis departure costs.

Riding Yak/Horse for Kailash Parikrama (direct payable to Yak/horse herder).

Additional expense in case of avalanche for contracting extra transportation.

Costs of individual critical visa expense and so forth and Services other than indicated.

Duffle Bag

Convey Bag.

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