Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Helicopter Package 2023 Group Tour Cost :- 1,40,000/- Per Person

May 30, 2023

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Via Lhasa

Kailash Manasarovar Yatra is very mainstream among the travelers because of its otherworldly noteworthiness. We structure the Package in giving the best quality offices to the administration takers. Our Kailash yatra is led by the well prepared experienced experts who will manage the Touror in each section of the excursion. We point in making lifetime recollections for our regarded clients.

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Tour Itinerary

Day 01:- Arrival at Kathmandu

Supper:- Lunch and Dhoteler

Height:- 1400m

Separation:- around the city

Method of Transport:- Private Vehicle

After you arrive at the capital city of Nepal, our separate drivers will drop you to the individual hotelss situated around the city. At night you can walk around the city or you can go for shopping too. Before the supper you will get appropriate instructions of the Tour plan.

Day 02:- Kathmandu touring

Supper:- Breakfast, lunch and supper

Height:- 1400m

Separation:- Kathamandu – Pashupatinath - Swayambhunath – Budhanilkantha: (3hours)

Method of Transport:- Bus mentor

In the wake of taking a delightful breakfast, prepare yourself for the day to see the fascinating scene of the Kathmandu valley. You will be furnished with AC transport to Tour distinctive journey destinations like Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, Buddhanath, Kathmandu Durbar square, and Jalnaryan.

These are the most seen journey destinations situated around the city. Consistently, the explorers of various strict convictions take a Tour to Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. At the point when one is making a trip to this otherworldly land, they never pass up on the chance to take a voyage through these journey destinations too situated around Kathmandu.

One can likewise go for the discretionary Tour to Muktinath Darshan. A movement to the Mukti Kshetra will include additional 4-5 days with the current Package.

Day 03:- Flight to Lhasa Gonggar Airport, Lhasa

Supper:- B/L/D

Height:- 3656m

Separation:- Around the city

Method of Transport:- Bus mentor

In the wake of taking breakfast you will be dropped at the residential air terminal to take a trip to Lhasa. It will be one and half hours flight and our help will help you in looking into the hotel. Lhasa is the capital city of the Tibetan self-sufficient district situated in China. This city is arranged on the Himalaya's northern slants close to the waterway Lhasa. The word Lhasa signifies "Place where there is Gods". There are generally two routes famous in Lhasa for the Kailash Yatra, one is from the northern route and the other is from the southern part. This day is for acclimatization reason. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is one of the thorough excursions one can experience in the route of his life. Acclimatization day is to make the voyagers very much received with the encompassing climate and atmosphere.

Upon Arrival in Gonggar Airport, Lhasa the gathering will meet our neighborhood staff/agent who will accompany the gathering to the pre booked hotel in Lhasa. You will take 2hours to arrive at the hotel. As Lhasa is situated at higher height, use the day for acclimatization reason. Go through the night at Hotel Brahmaputra or comparable in Lhasa.

Day 04:- Lhasa touring

Feast:- B/L/D

Elevation:- Lhasa-3656m Potala Palace-3700m, Jorkhang sanctuary 3650m and Barkhor-3650m

Separation:- Lhasa to Potala Palace – 3.2kms (30 minutes)

Potala Palace to Jokhang Temple-4.7km (17 minutes)

Jokhang to Barkhor Street-inside 1 km (10 minutes)

Method of Transport:- transport mentor

Subsequent to taking beguiling breakfast, you will get legitimate drive backing to Tour the neighborhood puts across Lhasa. You will Tour Potala Palace, Jorkhang sanctuary and Barkhor.

Patola Palace: it is one of the most Toured puts in Lhasa. Prior the Dalai Lama used to stay right now the fourteenth Dalai Lama left the royal residence for the Tibetan uprising in the year 1959. Presently this spot is viewed as the world legacy site. Because of the nearness of Mt. Potalaka, this castle got its name. This mountain was accepted to be the blessed sanctuary of bodhisatwa Avolokiteshwara. Songtsen Gampo assembled this royal residence. The Overview from the royal residence will make you enchanted.

Jorkhang sanctuary: The other name of this religious community is Qoikang cloister found Barkhor square. The Tibetans accept this spot to be one of the consecrated locales. Generally, Gelug school of B uddhism keep up this sanctuary by and by, however they are very worthy in rehearsing other Buddhism's orders. In the event that you are a passionate admirer of engineering, at that point you will be hypnotized by its excellent structure. You will locate a total mix of Nepalese plan, Tibetan engineering and vihara structure of India workmanship culture. Ruler Songtsen Gompo established this sanctuary too. It will be a finished time wrap for you when you will travel to this delightful religious community.

Barkhor: this is the old zone of Lhasa city. When Songtsen Gampo assembled the excellent sanctuary of Jorkhang, at that point a large number of explorers take a Tour to the Jorkhang sanctuary. This street showed up as the roadway for the explorers to enter the Jorkhang royal residence. Numerous pioneers accept to take a clockwise hold of the supplication wheels. This road is comprised of stone sheets which are hand cleaned. In the event that you are shopaholic, at that point this spot is a finished center for you to investigate. You will discover coasting stays also on the side of the city. This piece of the city offers you a total blend of craftsmanship, culture, nourishment, history, science.

Later you will be dropped back in the hotel.

Day 05:- Drive to Shighatse and touring

Feast:- Breakfast, lunch and supper

Elevation:- 4500m

Separation:- Drive – 350kms (7-8hours)

Method of Transport:- Bus mentor

You need to begin your day promptly toward the beghoteling of the day. Today you will be taking a 360km drive to Sightse. You will appreciate the intriguing scene of the valley. You will Tour the brilliant plated statue of Buddha Maitreya, the most elevated on the planet.

Sightse is a customary seat of one of the Buddhist priest called Panchen Lama. Prior it was the social and the political site of Tsang. You will discover different sort of lovely structure around this territory. The travelers are generally entranced with the magnificence of the workmanship and design of this well known spot. The relics of the spot show the magnificent Shigatse tradition.

You will discover numerous religious communities around this territory. The most significant one is Tashihunpo Monastery. This religious community is situated on the north western piece of the city. The lovely brilliant rooftops and the red dividers will give you a heavenly sight to take a gander at. Here you will take a gander at the biggest Buddha figure made of copper. The ornamented statue of Buddha draws in the travelers the whole way across the world. Consistently, the program called Buddha Unveiling Festival shows the representations of the Buddha to the explorers.

The vacationers go for Shalu Monastery also. This sanctuary is situated in the southern east piece of the city. In the event that you are keen on design, at that point you will discover a totally excellent engineering structure taking an impact from both the Tibetan and Han style. The authentic relics, delightful centerpieces will make you entranced over and over.

You will stay medium-term in the hotels.

Day 06:- Drive from Shigatse to Saga

Feast:- Breakfast, lunch and supper

Elevation:- 4640m

Separation:- 447km (8 hours)

Method of Transport:- transport mentor

The following day you will be heading to Saga, the point that falls in the Kailash route. You will stay in the hotel situated in Sanga. You will get the best administrations from our side. Stay medium-term in Saga.

Day 07:- Drive from Saga to Mansarovar Lake

Feast:- Breakfast/Lunch and supper

Elevation:- Saga: 4640m

Lake Mansarovar:- 4590m

Separation:- Saga to Lake Mansarovar – 455kms (6hours)

Method of Transport:- Bus mentor

It will be the most propitious day for our vacationers as they will be heading to Lake Mansarovar. You will take this drive over the tough scenes. At long last, you will get the primary look at Mt. Kailash alongside the compelling lake Mansarovar. You will be taking a parikrama around the lake by vehicle. It will take around 3 hours to make a parikrama of around 90 kms. Around evening time you will stay in the mud house or comparative sort of Touror house situated close to the Chui Gompa cloister.

Day 08:- Lake Mansarovar Drive to Darchen. From Darchen trekking towards Dhiraphuk

Supper:- B/L/D

Height:- Lake Mansarovar: 4,590 m; Darchen (4670m), Dhiraphuk-4550m

Separation:- 40kms (1.5hours)

Darchen to Dhiraphuk:- Drive to Yumdwar and Trek 10kms trek (6-7hours)

Method of Transport:- Bus mentor and afterward trekking

In the wake of taking breakfast, the driver will drop you to Darchen. It is an hour venture. You will reach Tarboche, from that point you will Tour Yam dwar. This is the beghoteling point for the inception of Outer Kora. You will trek towards Dhiraphuk. On the main day, you will trek for 12 kms which take around 5-6 hours. You will Tour the northern essence of Kailash Mountain and you will do the charan sparsh. In Hindu folklore, Shiva is considered as one of the essential masters. The pioneers look for favors from the master for to achieve their circumambulation around Mt. Kailash.

Day 09:- Trek from Dhiraphuk to Zuthulphuk

Feast:- Breakfast, Lunch and supper

Elevation:- Dhiraphuk 4775m, Dolma La Pass: 5630m, Zuthulphuk: 4700m

Separation:- 22kms (10hours)

Method of Transport:- trekking

Today is the most furious day in your Kailash Tour. You will trek Dolma La go from Dhiraphuk. From that point you will trek around 22kms to reach Zuthulphuk. Today, you will be proceeding with your Parikrama too. It is one of the most troublesome days of your whole excursion. In transit back, you will discover Gauri kund where you can make your contributions. You need to stay medium-term in the guesthouse situated in Zuthulphuk.
Day 10:- Zuthulphuk to New Dongba

Feast:- Breakfast, , lunch and supper

Elevation:- New Dongba: 4500m

Separation:- 8kms

Method of Transport:- trekking and afterward drive back to New Dongba

Today you will trek around 8kms of separation to finish your parikrama; the transport mentor will be hanging tight for you at the open streets. From that point, you will be driving back to Darchen. There you will finish your lunch. Bit by bit you will set yourself up to go to New Dongba. Stay medium-term at the residence Touror house masterminded you at New Dongba.

Day 11:- New Dongba to Saga

Feast:- Breakfast, Lunch and supper

Elevation:- New Dongba: 4500m, Saga-4640m

Separation:- New Donga to Saga

Method of Transport:- transport mentor

Today you will be driving back to Saga from New dongba.

Day 12:- Saga to Shigatse

Feast:- Breakfast, Lunch and supper

Elevation:- 4500m

Separation:- 935kms

Method of Transport:- Bus mentor

Today you will be returning to Sightse.

Day 13:- Drive to Lhasa from Shigatse

Feast:- Breakfast, Lunch and supper

Elevation:- 3656m

Separation Shighatse to Lhasa drive 280kms (5hours)

Method of Transport:- Bus mentor

Today you will be driving back to Lhasa. After lunch, you can entertain yourself with shopping.

Day 14:- Lhasa to Kathmandu

Feast:- Breakfast, Lunch and supper

Separation:- Lhasa to Kathmandu-FLIGHT

Method of Transport:- Flight and afterward transport mentor to drop at the hotel

From Lhasa you will be flying back to Kathmandu. You will stay a night in the hotel.

Day 15:- Departure

Feast:- Breakfast, lunch and supper

Elevation:- 1400m

Separation:- 20-25minutes around the capital city

Method of Transport: Bus mentor

Our drivers will drop you to the Kathmandu air terminal and help you in loading up the arrival trip back home. We need to make your Kailash Mansarovar yatra by means of Lhasa a paramount one by offering the best quality types of assistance to our regarded administration takers.

Price Includes

Hotels housing in Tour:- one evenings in Kathmandu, one evenings in Pokhara and one evenings in Jomsom. Manakamana link vehicle tickets. Section license, plan air tickets:- Pokhara/Jomsom/Pokhara and Pokhara – Kathmandu, Airport charge. Kathmandu to pokhara By drive, Jomsom Muktinath/Jomsom Jeep drive. Nepali guide, whole Tour unadulterated Indian veggie lover nourishment as indicated by above recorded Tour program.

Price Excludes

Tips,Personal expenses(beverage, call, cold beverages, mineral water and so on), if need any things more than program, salvage and crisis charge, in the event that flight drop extra day hotels stay costs,. Global air tickets, travel protection.


Duffle Bag



Convey Bag

General Information Regarding Kailash Mansarovar Tour

Individual Horse riding costs, Personal utilize doorman.

Travel protection, Rescue and crisis clearings administration, clinical and emergency clinic costs (in the event that you become wiped out in transit)

Additional Night Hotels in Kathmandu/Timure/Kyirong/adventure/Darchan/Nepalganj/Simikot or, more than likely at different places because of terrible climate or some other Chinese explanation is charged.

on the off chance that returning prior from Kailash Yatra ,bunches visa parting charge each RMB 165 and additional transportation cost each $USD 100/day.(China Govt – FEC rules)

Refreshment/drinks and extra tips.

Procedure, Term& Condition

Important to send shading Scan duplicate of Passport of journey with name list 40 days before flight for licenses handling.

We need 6 Month legitimate common Passport however Diplomat visa isn't worthy.

We need Yatri's output duplicate of PAN card (Indian resident as it were).

Should non refundable store Rs 20,000 or USD $ 500 for each individual as advance before handling.

Underutilized benefits because of unexpected conditions stands non refundable

Indian journey – Should send Original Passport to our Delhi office By messenger or speed post 15 days before from the flight date for China visa Process.

NRI/Other Citizen's Original Passport will gather after appearance in Kathmandu.

Indian Pilgrims who are 70 Years or above:

Needs to submit Medical Report from Indian Government Hospital inside a half year before your excursion begins.

Two direct family members required.

Needs to store 1000$(USD) before the excursion to the organization (China GOVT) for any abrupt death.

Wellbeing assessment is done before Parikrama by Chinese specialists. when you get the endorsement from specialist then no one but you can go for Parikrama.

Prior to the Kailash takeoffs, should clear all residual Payment.

Wiping out Policy:

Introductory sum for booking is INR 20,000/ - for Indians and USD 500 for NRI and Foreigners being non-refundable and nontransferable, when booked in this way proposed scratch-offs and delays caused because of characteristic, fear monger assault ,political or by the Pilgrim alteration reason If the booking is dropped 30 days preceding flight, INR 30,000 for Indians and USD 600 for outsiders would be charged as undoing sum.

In the event that the booking is dropped 20 days preceding takeoff, half of the Tour cost will be into abrogation process.

In the event that the booking is dropped 15 days preceding flight, there will be no discount.

In the event that out of nowhere program has changed Due to climate issue, cataclysmic event, avalanche, specialized issue and political development, Chinese explanation, every one of extra costs ought to be paid without anyone else.

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