Kailash Mansarovar Yatra via Helicopter Package 2023 Group Tour Cost :- 1,40,000/- Per Person.

May 30, 2023

Kailash Mansarovar by Helicopter

Kailash Yatra requires a total unadulterated soul to achieve your profound needs. We make a picture of god out of our profound needs. The explorers over the world travel to this wonderful land in looking for the favors of the master. Once in a blue moon, everybody needs strict comfort.

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Tour Itinerary

Day 1:- Arrival

Supper: L/D

Height: 1400m

Time taken: 20-25 minutes (around the city)

Method of transport: private vehicle

In the wake of showing up at Tribhuvan International Airport, our driver will meet you at the passageway door. You will be offered welcome beverages in the wake of looking into the hotels. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is an entangled Tour Package. So our delegates will brief you the Itinerary in subtleties. After a short presentation, you can go for night darshan of Pashupatinath sanctuary. Pashupatinath is the essential icon of the nation. So it will be an astounding encounter to experience the night petition of the sanctuary. You are taking Kailash Mansarovar Tour to flush off your submitted sins of over a significant time Tour life. Seeing night supplication will be an underlying phase of your profound experience. The tolls of petition ringers and the cool wind of Bagmati River will be a valuing experience of a lifetime. Around evening time you will stay in Kathmandu.

Day 2:- Kathmandu Sightseeing and fly to Nepalgunj

Feast: B/L/D

Elevation: Kathmandu-1400m, Nepalgunj-150m

Separation: Kathamandu Sightseeing: 26km (2hours)

Subsequent to Sightseeing drop at Airport: 13kms (45minutes)

Method of Transport: Bus mentor

After breakfast, you will prepare for the touring of Kathmandu. It is the biggest city on the Himalayan slopes. The city shows a total amalgamation of history, culture, customs, workmanship, and design. In the wake of venturing into the city, you will feel the glow of such old fashioned authentic realities in workmanship and engineering. The city will astonish with its stays and the profound quality. Conversely with the last night, today you will experience the excellence of the engineering of the sanctuary. This social legacy site stays on the banks of River Bagmati throughout the hundreds of years. As indicated by Shaivites, it is one of the heavenly dwelling places Lord Shiva. Based on fifth century under the Licchavi King, Prachanda Dev, this sanctuary pulls in the pioneers for its engineering noteworthiness. In the inward sanctum of the sanctuary, the prime icon is of the state of Mukhalinga made out of stone with a shimmering limited yoni alongside the snake. The symbol has faces coordinating in four essential ways of the world holding the rudraksha on right hand and kamandalu on the other. Your sanctuary Tour will be practiced with the Tour of the various sanctuary buildings inside the primary sanctuary. In the internal and external yard, you will discover various sanctuaries devoted to various masters. This pagoda styled sanctuary design with wooden cut rafters will be a visual joy to appreciate.

After this, you will travel Budhanilkantha sanctuary. This sanctuary is committed to Lord Vishnu. Situated in the northern piece of the capital city, this excellent sanctuary is put underneath the Shivapuri slopes. The biggest stone cutting Vishnu statue is the biggest one. The importance of the statue is for its heavenly stone cut chiseling aptitudes. You will locate the prime god leaning back on the vast snake named Shesha. The crown of Kirtimukha has made the divinity look progressively lovable. The statue was etched, harking back to the seventh century under the rule of Vishnu Gupta.

Post lunch you will get onto your trip to Nepalgunj. This wonderful city of Banke area will make you awestruck. Generally early morning flight ought to be loaded up for Nepalgunj for its high height. You will be flying over the mountains alongside wonderful sights of canyons and stream valleys. You will totally treasure the visual experience. Around evening time you will stay in Nepalgunj.

Day 3:- Flight to Simikot and Acclimatization

Supper: B/L/D

Height: Simikot-3224m

Separation: Nepalgunj to Simikot-216km (30mins flight)

Method of transport: Flight

Early morning you will be taking the trip to Simikot. In the event that you are an impassioned admirer of nature, at that point you will adore your 45 minutes trip to Simikot. The air terminal of Simikot is situated at higher height with a generally short runway. You will board Dornier helicopters with STOL qualities. These little helicopters will have a guest plan for 16-20 travelers. It is important to convey least prerequisites during your excursion to Kailash Mansarovar.

You will be flying across lovely geography. The mountains will appeal you to investigate more. In the wake of Arrival, you will discover modest community Hotels over the air terminal. In the wake of looking into the hotel, you can wander around this little metropolitan city. The stayder of your day is for acclimatization reason. It is important for you to investigate the delightful scene of Simikot. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra requires mental and physical quality. On trekking across Simikot, you will set yourself up for the strenuous one above. Stay medium-term in Simikot.

*Optional: The acclimatization is needy totally on the extraordinary climate conditions. Ideally, Taklakot is chosen for acclimatization reason for its higher height.

Day 4:- Fly to Hilsa and head to Taklakot

Feast: B/L/D

Elevation: Hilsa: 3640m

Taklakot: 4,755 m

Separation: Simikot to Hilsa: 51kms (20minutes in helicopter)

Hilsa to Taklakot: 21.2 km (2hours including movement methodology)

Method of transport: Simikot to Hilsa (helicopter)

Hilsa to Taklakot (transport)

Today early morning you will get onto another trip to Hilsa. It is a 20minutes flight. From this time onwards, you will step out of your usual range of familiarity. You will cross the outskirt here in general gathering. We organize bunch flight for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Here, you will meet the Tibetan group and drive to Taklakot. This locale falls under the Tibetan Autonomous Region (China). It created on the wonderful valley of Sarayu Karnali waterway. From Hilsa you will take around 1hour to reach Taklakot. Prior this town was utilized for the exchanging reason. Presently it has become a significant post in Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. You can wander around the town for adjusting the extraordinary climate conditions and uneven landscapes. Stay medium-term in Taklakot.

Day 5:- Drive to Lake Mansarovar

Dhoteler: B/L/D

Height: Purang: 4755m, Lake Mansarovar: 4,590 m

Separation: 49.7km (7-8hours)

Method of transport: transport mentor

Today promptly in the first part of the day you will be heading to Lake Mansarovar. You will get seeing the lake and Mt. Kailash just because. Mt. Kailash is accepted to be the unblemished area. One stages into this blessed land to make sure about mental harmony. This excursion is about self-disclosure. Polluting influences of soul and body can be cleared off by washing up in Lake Mansarovar. The heavenly water of the lake is accepted to be healing of transgression. The pioneers perform stylized customs on the shores of the lake tending to the spirits of precursors. Numerous travelers play out these customs for everlasting tranquility of the precursor's spirits in paradise. Hinduism trusts in resurrection too. On the off chance that anybody does any ethicalness in the human world, at that point he will get harmony in paradise. In looking for harmony in paradise, one likewise takes this journey Tour. The primary experience of Mt. Kailash in Lake Mansarovar will be a charming minute. In the wake of washing, you will be taking a parikrama over the lake by transport. Around evening time you will stay in a guesthouse close Chhui Gompa Monastery.

Day 6:- Lake Mansarovar to Darchen

Dhoteler: B/L/D

Height: Darchen 4670m

Yamdwar : 4,575m

Separation: Lake Mansarovar to Darchen: 53kms (2hours)

Method of transport: Bus mentor

After breakfast, you will be heading to Darchen. It is a little town situated in the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China. This spot is the base camp for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. This delightful town is presently home for Tibetan pioneers. This town is additionally useful for migrants for touching of sheep. For Kailash Yatra, this town turns into a significant commencement area for the excursion.

*Optional: If you have time then you can pursue a day journey to Tirthapuri, Saptarishi Caves or Astapad. Every one of these areas fall under Nandi Kora. As per Hindu folklore, Nandi is the grand mount to Lord Shiva. He is additionally accepted to be the door guarding of the sublime house Kailash. Right now, many intend to look for endowments of Nandi too. The pioneers appeal to God for flourishing and development in life before Nandi.

Stay medium-term in Darchen.

Day 7:- Drive till Yamdwar and begin trekking to Dhiraphuk

Supper: B/L/D

Elevation: Yamdwar : 4,575m

Separation: Darchen to Yamdwar: 7kms (30minutes)

Method of transport: Darchen to Yamdwar-transport mentor

Yamdwar to Dhiraphuk – trek

From today onwards you will be taking part in parikrama across Mt. Kailash. Nobody is permitted to move high of Mt. Kailash because of its legendary and strict essentialness. You will be driving towards Yamdwar. From Darchen it is 10 km away taking an hour to reach. From Yamdwar, you will trek towards Dhiraphuk. The parikrama across Mt. Kailash covers 38km. you will trek towards Dhiraphuk by walking.

On the off chance that you are truly not fit, at that point you should take a horse. We convey our kitchen assets and outdoors coordinations on yak or horse for the travelers of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Subsequent to coming to there, you will find a good pace delightful and gigantic sights of Mt. Kailash. Because of extraordinary climate conditions, you should take your nourishment early.

**Circumambulation is discretionary. Age is a limitation for parikrama across Mt. Kailash. Scarcely any total it either by strolling or on a horse. The Persons who lean toward not to finish the parikrama can return to Darchen after the darshan at Yamdwar.
Day 8: - Trek to Charansparsh and back to Dhiraphuk

Dhoteler: B/L/D

Height: Charansparsh : 4572m

Separation: Diraphuk to Charansparsh: 4-5kms (7-8hrs)

Method of transport: trekking

After breakfast you will trek Charansparsh. It is situated at a tallness of 15000ft. Each site around Mt. Kailash has strict and legendary hugeness. This area is very well known among the Kailash yatris to look for the gifts of Lord. At the point when one needs to include in a gigantic achievement, he looks for favors from the preeminent ruler to give express assurance. So the explorers travel to this promising milestone to look for gifts of Almighty God to finish the parikrama effectively. It resembles a total give up before preeminent force. Generally the pioneers contact the lower regions of the mountains as though they contact the feet of Lord Shiva to give the psychological and physical solidarity to finish the parikrama. The great excellence will make you awestruck and restore your confidence in your god and religion.

Stay medium-term in Dhiraphuk.

Day 09:- Trek to Zuthulphuk through Kuber Kund

Dhoteler: B/L/D

Height: Zuthulphuk-4700m

Separation: 20-22kms

Method of transport: Trekking

Today you will be leaving your customary range of familiarity. You will trek for 22kms today to reach Zuthulphuk. In the inward kora, you will be going through Kuber Kund. It is one of the most strenuous treks. One needs to stroll through profound layers of day off. The sharpness of stones is extremely startling for the travelers. Without legitimate direction of sherpas, it will be hard to trek. Now and again you will feel sad in finishing the trek. The internal confidence will take you near the Almighty. Stay medium-term at Zuthulphuk.

Day 10:- Trek to Darchen

Supper: B/L/D

Elevation: Zuthulphuk-4700m



Separation: Zuthulphuk to Darchen-10-12kms

Method of transport: Trekking

Today is the latest day of your Kailash Yatra. You will cover around 8kms of the excursion. You will trek down to Darchen. It will take around 3 hrs to finish the excursion. In the wake of arriving at the other path, the driver will drop you at the Touror house in Darchen. Stay medium-term in Darchen.

Day 11: - Trek to Astapad or Saptarishi Caves

Supper: B/L/D

Height: Astapath-4900m

Saptarishi caverns 6000m

Separation: Darchen to Saptarishi caverns (6kms) and afterward ten minutes' stroll to reach Astapath

Method of transport: Trekking

Subsequent to coming back to Darchen, you can go on a trek to Astapad or Saptarishi Caves.


In Hindu way of thinking, everybody looks for nirvana eventually in their life. The possibility of freedom implies how one repudiates the total servitude of the world to have a sacrificial existence. Among the Jains, accomplishing nirvana is the most elevated level of inward genuine feelings of serenity. Rishabhadeva, the first Tirthankara accomplished his nirvana in Ashtapad in transit of Mt. Kailash. The name proposes "eight stages". Among the Jains, this is one of the most strict destinations for accomplishing freedom from pleasuring life. Asthapad venture joins eight stages prompting caverns of various types. The fans take the parikrama covering a separation of 52kms around Mt. Kailash to accomplish the way of freedom. One needs to confront the antagonistic climatic conditions while in transit to parikrama. On the way of parikrama, Ashtapad is one of the most well known journey destinations while Touring the otherworldly habitation Lord Shiva.

Or on the other hand

Saptarishi Caves

It falls in transit of Nandi internal kora. These caverns are of noteworthy qualities among the voyagers. This site is acclaimed for the sages who were committed lovers of Lord Shiva. The caverns comprise of 13 chortens. In the hour of Nandi inward kora, the trekking to the Saptrishi caverns is the most troublesome one. The sightseers need to take this tremendous excursion to get the awesome loftiness of great dwelling place Lord Shiva. This photelacle has been a significant region of investigation among the travelers for its strict noteworthiness. These caverns are arranged at a high height of 6000m. In the wake of leaving Atmalingam, the sightseers need to ascend the vertical feature of the mountain divider to reach Saptrishi caverns.

You will stay medium-term in Darchen in the wake of finishing your journey.

Day 12:- Drive back to Taklakot

Supper: B/L/D

Height: Taklakot-4755m

Separation: Darchen to Taklakot-102km (6-7hours)

Method of transport: transport mentor

In the wake of taking breakfast you will be driving back to Taklakot. Here you will be finishing your migration procedure. You will again cross the fringe as a gathering. Stay medium-term in Taklakot.

Day 13:- fly to Simikot and afterward Nepalgunj

Feast: B/L/D

Elevation: Simikot: 2,910m; Nepalgunj: 150 m

Separation Simikot to Nepalgunj: 210km

Method of transport: Simikot to Nepalgunj (by means of flight 1hour)

Subsequent to taking breakfast, you will be taking an early morning trip to Simikot. As a rule, morning flight is favored on this route for clear climate. The helicopter will be flying over the mountains, crevasses and waterway valleys. So it will be a delight for you to go via air.

On the very day, you will be returning a trip to Nepalgunj. You will stay medium-term there.

Day 14:- Flight to Kathmandu

Dhoteler: B/L/D

Method of transport: flight (45 minutes)

You have arrived at the last stretch of your excursion. So you will be flying back to the capital city on the following day. According to your homebound flight, you can book tickets on exceptionally that day.

Discretionary: You can keep your night allowed to appreciate the bustling avenues of Kathmandu. You can walk around the capital city to purchase diaries for your friends and family.

Day 15:- Departure

Feast: B/L/D

Elevation: 1400m

Method of transport: transport mentor

Today after breakfast, our driver will drop you at the air terminal.

Price Includes

In Kathmandu 3 star standard hotel hotels

2 evenings with full board suppers essential and 1 night standard hotels in Nepaljunj,

1 night at Simikot.

Full board suppers essential according to above Itinerary,

all necessary transportation and touring according to above recorded excursion Itinerary in Nepal and Tibet.

Tibet visa,

Section grant,

Kailash parikarma section expense,

Sections Tour best accessible Guesthouse including two evenings during the parikarma,

all veg. suppers (supper/breakfast/lunch).

we give pack lunch while we stroll on parikarma, experience Indian cook,

English and Hindi speaking Nepalese guide,

English speaking Chinese guide, requires Nepalese Sherpa's, Luxurious mentor transportation, supporting truck for baggage,

Yak and yak man during the parikarma for conveying baggage,

medical aid, Oxygen gas Cylinder, Holy Lake Manasarovar parikarma (Circuit) by drive.

we give Duffle Bag, Down Jackets, Day pack (Duffle Bag and Day sack we give as trinket blessing from our organization).

Price Excludes

Tips, individual costs, refreshment, cold beverages, call, salvage and crisis cost, clinical and emergency clinic costs (incase debilitated in transit kailash Yatra). Travel protection, individual riding horse, individual utilize doorman.


Taffle Bag



Convey Bag

General Information Regarding Kailash Tour

Individual Horse riding costs, Personal utilize watchman.

Travel protection, Rescue and crisis departures administration, clinical and emergency clinic costs (in the event that you become wiped out in transit)

Additional Night convenience in Kathmandu/Timure/Kyirong/adventure/Darchan/Nepalganj/Simikot or, more than likely at different places because of awful climate or some other Chinese explanation is charged.

on the off chance that returning prior from Kailash Yatra ,bunches visa parting charge each RMB 165 and additional transportation cost each $USD 100/day.(China Govt – FEC rules)

Refreshment/drinks and extra tips.

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